Positive impact on my vibration and awareness

I recently finished Kathy’s Transformational Meditation 10 week course. Kathy is a natural at Teaching, she keeps the class on schedule while achieving maximum amount of the class information that we need to learn about and use the vibrational tools. Do not be misled into thinking that all you will be doing is continuous meditations. You use the light trance meditation to instill and practice the tools you are being instructed by Kathy. This course will be valuable for beginners to advanced students in your spiritual journey. I have been a frequent student of different types of spiritual and vibrational classes with Kathy. I highly recommend this class just for the positive impact on my vibration and awareness. In ending, I just want to say how much fun and enjoyment that my classmates and I had all while achieving maximum amount of learning how to use the tools that I use every day!