Transformational Meditation

Consciously Transform Your Body, Spirit and Life with Meditation

Transformational Meditation Series

In the Transformational Meditation series, you will learn simple energy tools which help you to consciously transform your body, spirit and life while in a light state of meditation. Experience relaxation and healing in your body, upliftment and healing of your spirit, and empowerment in your life as you learn tools to consciously create and manage your own energy. This series is open to people of all backgrounds and level of spiritual study and experience.

Embrace your power. You are worth it!

The next Transformational Meditation series is TBD.

What will you learn to do in the Transformational Meditation series?

  • Ground your body and locations.
  • Replenish your energy.
  • Manage and become aware of your energetic frequency and energetic space.
  • Understand energetic terminology and the function of the chakra system.
  • Keep your energy separated from other people’s energy.
  • Let go of your energetic resistance to what you want in your life.
  • Let go of energy blocks in your body and energy field.
  • Set the energetic frequency of a location or event in your life.
  • Get your energy into the present moment or now space.
  • Experience and learn in the frequency of amusement.
  • Manifest what you desire in your life.

How will your body, spirit and life transform as you consciously apply what you learn?

  • Get your body more connected to your spirit.
  • Get your spirit centered in your body.
  • Feel more energized.
  • Feel more empowered in your life.
  • Balance your energies.
  • Experience your life from a more aligned conscious state.
  • Keep other people’s energy out of your energy field and your energetic space.
  • Experience the energetic frequency you wish to have in any situation.
  • Be present and aware of your energy throughout your day.
  • Laugh and have more fun.
  • Consciously create what you desire to manifest in your life.

Over a decade ago, I learned from my medical intuitive teacher that you easily connect to your intuition when you are in a fun neutral mental state. Meditation gets you into this state. Once in this meditative state, you consciously apply the energy tools to help transform your body, spirit and life.

These classes are a fun break from the stresses of your normal routine. In each class, you will learn and quickly apply the energy tools and see how your body, spirit and life begins to transform before your very eyes.

Everything is energy. Your intention and your energetic frequency affects not only your body and your spirit but also what you have manifested in your present life experience. With the experiential and energetic knowledge of this fact, you can more easily accept your Divine creative power and embrace your responsilibity and ability to transform your body, spirit and life. This series gives you the tools to get started on creating the life you want by learning to let go of the energies that have kept you stuck.

This Transformational Meditation series lays the groundwork for future classes which will focus on healing as well as intuitive and clairvoyant development. If you have a desire to consciously transform your body, spirit and life by learning to connect to and develop your intuition through meditation, then this Transformational Meditation series is for you.

Step into your Divine creative power and embrace your ability to Consciously Transform Your Body, Spirit and Life with Meditation.


Attend 1st class at no obligation. If you decide not to continue, then the class is free.


​​The next Transformational Meditation online series TBD from 7pm – 9pm. 

The 10-week series cost is $400.

Early Bird Discount TBD

Contact Kathy to enroll with the Early Bird Discount and pay online via Square.

Mail check to: Kathy South, 2595 Stanford Drive, York PA 17402.


NOTE: Classes will be digitally recorded so if you miss a LIVE class and are enrolled in the series, then Kathy will email you the recording to save to your computer and listen when it is more convenient for you.


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Transformational Meditation Testimonials

I highly recomend it to anyone

Thank you so much Kathy. We just finished the final day of the TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDITATION taught by KATHY SOUTH. And I am already missing our Tuesday nights “AMUSEMENTS” together. It was an amazing experience. The guided meditations were so powerfull that I needed reminders to stay in the body. Hahaha! Why? Because I was trancing out often during the 10 sessions of learning while practicing the tools. I don’t trance out that easily. That is how I KNOW how powerful the meditations were. And as a profesional hypnotist I am well aware of the healing power of TRANCE STATE. When Kathy mentioned she will be teaching this again, it was like a Christmas gift to me. I believe the group energy/coherent energy of the group can always have positive influence on each one in the group. Together we were creating a coherent energy/vibrational frequencies that has affected me positively in a lot of ways. Especially today, right before the class I went through a couple of emotional experiences that had negatively effected me. And, thanks to Kathy for all the tools. You will experience these tools by taking the TRANSFORMATIOAL MEDITATION. I highly recomend it to anyone who believes in ENERGY. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all. — Davar A.

Davar A.

Positive impact on my vibration and awareness

I recently finished Kathy’s Transformational Meditation 10 week course. Kathy is a natural at Teaching, she keeps the class on schedule while achieving maximum amount of the class information that we need to learn about and use the vibrational tools. Do not be misled into thinking that all you will be doing is continuous meditations. You use the light trance meditation to instill and practice the tools you are being instructed by Kathy. This course will be valuable for beginners to advanced students in your spiritual journey. I have been a frequent student of different types of spiritual and vibrational classes with Kathy. I highly recommend this class just for the positive impact on my vibration and awareness. In ending, I just want to say how much fun and enjoyment that my classmates and I had all while achieving maximum amount of learning how to use the tools that I use every day!

Julie A.