Kathy channels healing energies and instruction from Spirit to help you expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.

Kathy is a spiritual medium for healing and communication. Her spiritual support team is comprised of Ascended Masters, saints, surgeons, and other high vibrational beings in Spirit and the Higher Realms of Love and Light.

For years, Kathy has been evolving her trance mediumship work and committed to a weekly appointment with Spirit on Wednesday 7pm EST. She gathers with friends at her home and allows several Spirits to communicate through her body. While she is conscious and aware of what is being said, the thoughts are not hers and she has no idea what will be channeled through her each session. These sessions incorporate teaching as well as high vibrational healing energies.

In April 2019, Kathy was guided to begin sharing her Channeled Healing Meditations with the public on YouTube. Anyone who attends these sessions LIVE or listens to these sessions via the recorded audio receives healing and gets help from Kathy’s spiritual support team.

Connect With The Spiritual Support Team

On the stormy Wednesday night 29 May 2019, no one attended the channeling session. Kathy knew Spirit wanted to speak and share their messages and connect with those would listen later so she asked that the session be short as she and her dogs were the only ones in attendance. Listen to the 27 min message from that night. Get introduced to the Spiritual Support Team and receive instruction and healing.

FREE Channelings on YouTube

Kathy has a variety of Channeled Healing Meditations on YouTube covering several topics. All of the channelings will help you raise your consciousness and vibration while you receive some level of healing energies directly by the Spiritual Support Team. Some channelings focus more on the healing while others on the instruction but all are typically a mix of both.

Some people have asked for the MP3 of Kathy’s channelings so they can listen to them several times and share with others. For those who wish to benefit from Kathy’s channelings in this manner, please check out the Channeling MP3 Packages below. Future packages may become available as Kathy is guided to provide them. Some channelings in these packages have never been shared on YouTube.

Channeling Package Options

Kathy has created two packages containing a variety of her Channeled Healing Meditations. These audios can be used by anyone who wants to work directly with Spirit for their own healing and spiritual growth in their own time and pace.

These packages allow you to own these recordings and listen at your own pace for healing and instruction. While listening, you experience the high vibrational healing energies of the Spirits whom I work with as a spiritual medium and get used to some of my spiritual support team. You may even begin to discern different energies and personalities of the Spirits I work with just as those who attend the LIVE sessions have been able to discern.

These Channeled Healing Meditations are exclusively available through these packages. Click on a link to see what each package offers.

SILVER Package includes 7 Channeled Healing Meditations

GOLD Package includes 9 Channeled Healing Meditations

Own some of Kathy’s channelings to listen repeatedly as you receive and integrate high vibrational healing energies and spiritual instruction. These channelings will help you to realign with and learn to embrace your Divine Power and potential as a co-Creator with God/Source/Universe/All That Is.

How to Listen to these Channelings

Sit with your feet on the floor with your arms and legs uncrossed in order to allow the energy to flow through you. Keep your eyes closed and just relax while listening to the channeling. You may fall asleep but try to stay awake and relaxed, while participating in any visualizations. 


These are high vibration channelings and you can feel lightheaded or dizzy afterwards or during.

Please allow 10-15 minutes for your body to integrate the energies after listening.