I highly recomend it to anyone

Thank you so much Kathy. We just finished the final day of the TRANSFORMATIONAL MEDITATION taught by KATHY SOUTH. And I am already missing our Tuesday nights “AMUSEMENTS” together. It was an amazing experience. The guided meditations were so powerfull that I needed reminders to stay in the body. Hahaha! Why? Because I was trancing out often during the 10 sessions of learning while practicing the tools. I don’t trance out that easily. That is how I KNOW how powerful the meditations were. And as a profesional hypnotist I am well aware of the healing power of TRANCE STATE. When Kathy mentioned she will be teaching this again, it was like a Christmas gift to me. I believe the group energy/coherent energy of the group can always have positive influence on each one in the group. Together we were creating a coherent energy/vibrational frequencies that has affected me positively in a lot of ways. Especially today, right before the class I went through a couple of emotional experiences that had negatively effected me. And, thanks to Kathy for all the tools. You will experience these tools by taking the TRANSFORMATIOAL MEDITATION. I highly recomend it to anyone who believes in ENERGY. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU all. — Davar A.