Spiritual Journey – Lourdes FRANCE

Lourdes is a miraculous place to seek solace. On February 11, 1858, a 14 year-old shepherd girl named Bernadette Soubirous came in contact with the Virgin Mary through a vision. The Virgin had revealed herself to Bernadette not once, but a total of 18 times in the niche of a cave. Bernadette was unaware of who the woman was until March 25, 1858, when that the Virgin said to Bernadette “I am the Immaculate Conception.”

It is said that Mary commanded Bernadette to “Go drink at the spring and wash there.” As there was no flowing water to be found, Bernadette scraped the earth away. As she dug, a small puddle appeared before her, the puddle began to flow. The next day, a stream flowed where the puddle began and this same stream still flows today.

Nowhere else in the world can a city claim a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary, not once – but 18 times. It is this miraculous feat that brings the city of Lourdes millions of visitors. Lourdes is nestled in a valley in the southwestern part of the Hautes-Pyrénées. Many Catholics pay homage to this revered city, but you certainly do not have to be catholic to appreciate all that this mysterious city has to offer.

Journey with Kathy to Lourdes where Mother Mary appeared to Bernadette.

Travel Dates for Lourdes:

The group will spend 11 nights in Lourdes: Monday June 15 – Friday June 26, 2020

Depart Sunday June 14 from your home to Lourdes-Tarbes (LDE) Airport. If traveling through Paris you must catch a 80 minute flight from Paris to Lourdes. Connecting in Paris requires transferring from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Orly Airport. The transfer is not included in the fare to Paris. You must pay for a bus or taxi to get to Orly Airport, then make connection to Lourdes.

Return Friday June 26 to your home from Lourdes, to arrive back home on Saturday June 27 so you can rest on Sunday.

Trip Includes:

The 11 night trip includes: daily lodging and meals at Hotel Plaisance (excluding wine); group bus transportation from Lourdes for sightseeing; transportation to and from Tardes-Lourdes Airport; and Kathy’s unique spiritual contributions and support along the way. 

Sight Seeing Plans:

Kathy is infusing the high vibration healing energies of Lourdes with several high vibration areas in nature plus some typical attractions. The group will have ample opportunity to enjoy nature and get a break from the intense healing work. Because we will be in Lourdes over the Summer Solstice and it won’t get dark until around 10:30pm, Kathy is planning something special to celebrate this night.

This journey includes:

  • Ample time in the Lourdes grotto and healing baths
  • Lourdes Lake as well as the village where Bernadette grew up
  • Day trip to Gavarnie (a Pyrenees mountain village with the tallest waterfall in France), Templar Church, Napoleon Bridge, Chapel of Shea’s
  • Day trip to the Bridge of Spain (waterfall), Lake Gaube, and Hot springs
  • Day trip to Biarritz on Atlantic Ocean and Espelette, a typical village in French basque country, plus visiting a village and shopping at the border of Spain near the Atlantic Ocean


*** Lourdes journey is LIMITED to 9 people. ***

Attendees may pay online or via cash, check or money order. Click the button below to pay for the trip online via PayPal. If you prefer an online invoice from Square, email Kathy and request to join the Lourdes journey with today’s listed rate.



May 1, 2020 and later: LAST CHANCE RATE  $2,700


*** Join Kathy in Lourdes in June 2020. ***