Transformative experience at the soul level

When I first came to hear about Kathy’s healing session, I went into the session with an intention to help resolve physical ailments. However, I was in for a big surprise. This session was not a typical Reiki session….but rather a transformative experience at the soul level. This session was a cure for me at the soul level, in the sense that it allowed me to gain a sense of empowerment to face life challenges. The Archangels and Beings of Light who work with Kathy equipped me with the determination and energy to move forward and carry on with my life’s purpose. Even though I was extremely fatigued for almost over a month with the inability to concentrate, I attribute that to my body adjusting to a higher vibration, and my body usually being sensitive to energetic healing. As Kathy has indicated, her services are for transformational healing, and I would highly recommend this work to those “feeling stuck” and would like to move forward in life to realign themselves with their life’s purpose.