I believe I am completely healed

On January 5, 2005 I was at work and suddenly lost my voice. I went home and by the next day I could not walk, talk, see, or breathe properly. I was seen by approximately 35 specialists none of which could offer me any hope except to learn and live with it. I suffered with Hemiplegic migraines, Cranial and Laryngeal Dystonia, Vocal Fold Motion Disorder, Diplopia, Ataxia, C2-C7 were severely compressed and degenerative and two discs were bulging. I had a pinched nerve which caused constant pain down my left arm. I had a lump in my left arm pit which was confirmed by ultrasound and skin cancer (sun) on my lip known as a Venus Pool which was black in color.

I had never heard of John of God before the Oprah show. I was so excited to see the show on the Friday night in the spring of 2013 I could barely contain myself. I was so lucky the show repeated again on Saturday and Sunday. I knew from the first moment I saw the show that I would be healed if I made it to the Casa. Little did I know that John of God was in Toronto, only a half hour drive from my home on the days that I watched the Oprah program. It just shows you that the Entities have things planned for you, you don’t make your own plans. But I was so ill I couldn’t travel. I was able to send my photograph down to Brazil and was told that the Entities would be working on me, but it would take a long time. This was in March and I was given a Blessed Crystal and a Triangle necklace which I wore day and night and I meditated. I became well enough to travel alone and began making plans. Being on disability did not allow me much in the way of extra income and I was lucky enough to find Kathy South, who I found her price as a guide to be fair beyond anyone else, and easy to work with. Not only did Kathy guide me through the ways of the Casa, but she also set up a tour of Brasilia prior to our arrival in Abadiania.

In June of 2013 I arrived in Abadiania. I consider it a place that God left untouched and only added the bare necessities. I found myself suddenly enjoying life without televisions, or the rush of life back home. I suddenly began to experience constant migraine headaches, which I hadn’t had in months. They continued for days and I started to have my episodes (seizures) again, approximately 4-5 times daily. When this happens I lose my sight, speech, and ability to walk as my left side goes limp. As a result I ended up pushing around a wheelchair and when an episode hit me I would use my wheelchair.

Kathy directed each of us in the group as to which line we should go in at the Casa. Being at the Casa had a lot of protocol, but we were easily directed by Kathy. Without her I don’t know how I would have made my way around. I had my first spiritual surgery on the first Thursday and asked for healing for my headaches and Dystonia. By the next morning my headaches were gone and so was my Dystonia and the weakness on the left side of my body. To this date I have not had another episode.

I knew that my life would change forever when I attended the Casa and went before John of God (The Entity), but nothing prepared me for such a spiritual surrender as during my second surgery. I requested to have visual surgery and was placed in the front of the Entities Chair. I was told to place my right hand over my heart and my left hand at my side, keep my eyes closed and think of 9 items I wanted healed. It seemed like I waited forever, then suddenly my left arm rose in the air on it’s own until it was even with my shoulder. It stayed there without me doing anything. Then my body began to lean forward with my heels off the ground and I stood only on my toes. I felt my rosary and necklaces hanging straight down to the ground. It felt like I was being held gently, yet securely. Tears started to run down my face and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t breathing any more. It was then that I knew I was being held by angels and was being touched by God. This was such a divine moment in my life that I will never, ever forget. I could not hear anything, then suddenly the Entity placed his left hand on my back and his right hand on my right hand, which he squeezed very hard and said something in Portuguese. I then fell backwards into a wheelchair and went to the infirmary. I could not open my eyes on the way even if I wanted to. I was placed on a bed and once my shoes were off I felt tremendous pain and heat coming out of the bottom of my feet. This went on for about 15 minutes and then I fell asleep for about an hour. During this healing, I asked that I have my neck repaired, all my organs cleansed, and my Vocal Cord Motion worked on. After I returned to my hotel room, I slept for 24 hours.

My health has continued to improve daily, and my doctor is decreasing my medications. I was taking 21 or more pills per day just to get by. It will take about 6 months to get my meds down to where I would like them, but this is a beginning. I plan to return to Abadiania later this year and again next year, and the year after that, etc.

As far as I go medically, I am still episodic free. I have not lost my vision, speech, breathing, or ability to walk since I was healed at the Casa. I am also still pain free in my neck (which was compressed and degenerative from C2-C7, with 2 bulging discs). I believe it is completely healed. The pinched nerve going down my left arm is completely gone and my arm is pain free for the first time in 30 years, along with my neck. The lump under my left underarm is completely gone, and I will be getting an Ultrasound to confirm it. The sun cancer, or Venus pool on my lip is almost completely gone. I am migraine free. I am free of all my depression and my doctor is slowly reducing my medication for both this and pain. I am getting only half of the Percocet and the rest is Tylenol 3. It will decrease from there along with other meds.

Thank you Kathy for helping guide me through the Casa.