Saw myself on hospital gurney with IV pole

I was recently guided to have a session on Kathy’s crystal bed, as I was about to begin a 30-day nutritional cleanse. It was not my first session, but by far the most powerful. I had been to the Casa in 2009 and experienced the subtle healing of many sessions on the crystal bed in Brazil and at Kathy’s house. As always, my session began very peacefully and I could feel the Entities working on my upper body. I asked specifically what they were healing, and the response was my “parasympathetic nervous system”. I saw the kind face of St. Ignatius¬†of Loyola, the spiritual patron of the Casa. Then I was on a hospital gurney, with an attentive nurse sitting at my right and an IV pole on my left. I was completely out for at least 10 minutes. When I came to I felt extremely calm, peaceful and without pain in my physical body.