You are in the house of Cruz

As soon as Kathy left the room, I felt a shift in the room. After asking “Who is there?‘”, I was told “You are in the house of Cruz. Didn’t you know that when you walked in the door?”  When I explained that I am focused on the dogs when I walk in, the response was “The dogs are part of the house of Cruz“.  I asked Dr. Cruz to help heal the fear I learned as a child.  I saw an incision beneath my sternum and felt expansion in my chest and shoulder. I was shown pink ice around my heart before being told that they cannot take care of this as it is my job.  I asked for a visual to help me understand. I saw a shroud around my body and was shown me taking one step forward at a time. After each step the shroud falls to the ground like sparkly dust and disappears.  I understood that dust to be my fear and was told “We are done with that issue“.

I invited healing white light to continue to help me and felt light energy enter my body in my stomach and extend to my face just under my nose. My skin felt tingly and very hot.  I was told to breathe in and out and then hold my breath. Each time I did this my muscle tone and body size do not feel familiar. My breathing was very slow.  I felt my muscles expand from under my nose, down to my hips. The feelings were very intense.  When I stopped feeling changes , I stated “I am grateful“, then it started again.  I kept thinking  “I am grateful” and received energy many more times. My muscles and body expanded each time the energy hit me.

I started feeling tired and unable to handle any more.  I called Kathy in my mind, and very soon heard her come in the room as the session ended.  I needed help getting up because my body was very stiff and I was moving slowly.  It was very hard to stand up straight. My face (lower cheeks) still felt stiff and strange for a while. Kathy told me to rest and sleep.