Multiple anonymous responses from PA group…

“Got extremely hot, then felt like menthol coolness around the bottom of my face down to my shoulder. Very relaxing and calming. Felt the healing entities around me. Saw my son and the angel my son sent me some time ago.”

“Waves of energy washing over me. Feeling one with the Universe. Each chakra cleansed. Sense healing entities around. Calming, beautiful experience.”

“Emotional clearing. Felt presences at my thymus, my tailbone. Someone lifted the wash cloth a bit. Work was done on both sides of my lower lat area. Very healing experience.”

“I was lifted off the table hovering close to crystals, then went away to a peaceful healing dimension on 3 separate occasions. Mind was cleansed; troubles disappeared; and spirit cleansed. Felt renewed. There were many others present during the peaceful expansion of healing energy. My energy rejuvenated and reconnected with Source, is now infinitely strong and more focused. Peaceful, powerful, loving vibrational healing. Brings clarity, unification, serenity.”

“My eyes were forced closed. My body was pinned down. I felt someone touching my legs up and down. I felt my eye patch move. I felt warm all over.”

“I felt at peace, supported, comforted. I went into a deep sleep. I felt tingling in my right leg and warmth in right eye.”

“I felt great love and peace and began to cry with gratefulness within the first few moments. I had an awareness of energy bodies of some sort were surrounding me. I began to feel so much love and thankfulness for my boys and imagined their bodies being healed. I saw myself in my inner vision travel, images of moving space. Left arm numb fingertips especially thumb. I believe my husband was there.”

“I felt cold and tingly and fell asleep. I felt someone touching my neck. It was a warm sensation.”

“Fell asleep. Very relaxed. Felt minor repairs being done during session. Felt my right arm being worked on as I tried to reposition it and it flopped back to original position. Felt stronger energies in the waiting/movie room.”

“I jogged about a half mile yesterday on my treadmill for the first time since the crystal bed. Unbelievable! No chest tightness, pressure, pain, sob, easily returned to normal respiration.”

“Felt like a panic attack at first. Had a headache, like sinus. Like smothering. At one point my right big toe was very painful. I had a sharp guick pain in one of my teeth. Very cold. Maybe slept. Maybe went somewhere.”