Training Classes and Workshops

Below are the classes and workshops offered by Kathy to assist you on your spiritual path.

Usui Reiki Training

Usui Reiki

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a system of natural healing rediscovered in Japan by Mikao Usui around 1920 and brought to the West due to Chujiro Hayashi's teaching of Hawaiian-born Hawayo Takata. The Japanese term "rei" translates to "universal" and the term "ki" translates to "life force or energy". So Reiki is essentially the "universal life force" that permeates all living things and exists everywhere. Reiki connects us with the Divine.

Reiki can be used to heal body, mind, and spirit, including the chakra system, the cells of the physical body, and the layers of the aura for people and animals.

Reiki treats the "cause" of a person's or animal's difficulty, rather than the symptom.



The Lightarian training is simple energetic attunements which raise your vibration and connect you with Angels, Ascended Masters, or Ascended Master Buddha to get their support in your life. All Lightarian attunements raise your vibration, thereby aiding you in processing the energy shifts happening on Earth.

Kathy South facilitates the Lightarian AngelLinks™Lightarian Rays™,  Lightarian Reiki™ and Lightarian Ascension Bands™attunement programs.


Regeneration Healing

The Regeneration Healing workshop evolves your consciousness as you learn to use consciousness technology to regenerate your body and work in the quantum field.

This is an experiential workshop. The ultimate goal is to become the person that you and the Creator intended you to be.


Magnified Healing 1st Phase

The Magnified Healing 1st Phase workshop prepares you for ascension by teaching you how to connect to the God Most High of the Universe.

The learning and practice of the Magnified Healing® process incorporates all aspects of healing, using sacred geometries, breathing, and affirmations, allowing the student to participate and then teach the process after a short time of integration and practice.

Family Constellation

Family Constellations can expose the hidden dynamics within families that often are behind the problems and misfortunes we experience in our lives. The early death of a parent or sibling, the exclusion of a family member, violence done by or to a family member, and other events can lead to unconscious entanglements that disturb our lives and relationships and the lives of others in our families, often with severe consequences. This experiential workshop can help bring these hidden loyalties to light so that they can be resolved and love can begin to flow in a more balanced and healthy family system.