Kathy South
Transformational Healing

Next Trip to John of God in Brazil: April 2018

Absolutely amazing, unique adventure

The Casa tour is an absolutely amazing, unique adventure. The Casa is a simple place filled with wonderful people, inspiring stories and a powerful sense of community. My experience connecting with the healing energy varied from subtle to WOW. Through it all, Kathy provided guidance on the Casa protocols and opportunities to make my trip even more enjoyable. And since the healing continues even after you leave, this is a trip that keeps on giving. Hope to see you there.

Terry Kandrik

Bone fractures repaired during movie

I just wanted to thank you for such a mystical experience! Upon meeting you  at the Institute for Spiritual Development, I benefited from the entities while viewing the movie about John of God.  Initially I thought, maybe my “bones were just cracking”  but it was much more than that!  What I felt was a precise and swift adjustment to a dull, throbbing and demobilizing shoulder pain. It made me want to say “ow” out loud but I was able to control that outburst! I also noticed more movement along…

Ingrid Antonio

Saw myself on hospital gurney with IV pole

I was recently guided to have a session on Kathy’s crystal bed, as I was about to begin a 30-day nutritional cleanse. It was not my first session, but by far the most powerful. I had been to the Casa in 2009 and experienced the subtle healing of many sessions on the crystal bed in Brazil and at Kathy’s house. As always, my session began very peacefully and I could feel the Entities working on my upper body. I asked specifically what they were healing, and the response was my “parasympathetic nervous…

Robin Price

John of God

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