Kathy South
Transformational Healing

Next Trip to the Casa in Abadiania - Brazil: January 2019

Arthritic toes straightening out

On August 28, 2016, I had my first session on the John of God Crystal Therapy Bed. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 1992 and my right foot is or was fairly deformed from the disease. My surgeon told me in 2013 to travel and do what I wanted now before I no longer could.… Read more “Arthritic toes straightening out”

Arlene Lapore

The Cure

I’m not even sure where the beginning actually is with this story but I can suffice to say it started with a very high level curse someone put on me to prove they can do anything they want. Not anything I asked for or deserved, but from someone that just viewed me as a threat… Read more “The Cure”

Sheryl B.

Unconditional love and continued presence in healing

I developed a head cold shortly after arriving in Brazil. Needless to say, crap was coming up and out off my nose and throat for two weeks. Shortly after returning to the US, I was sitting in my living room and the room started spinning. I felt bone tired and very nauseous, so I went… Read more “Unconditional love and continued presence in healing”

Kriss C. (Montana)