Kathy South
Transformational Healing

Next Trip to John of God in Brazil December 2018

Gift Beyond Wildest Dreams

It surely was a great group of five that had the opportunity to share and receive your amazing guidance, love, laughter, and wisdom for two weeks. A gift beyond the measure of my wildest dreams…..so reassuring to know that you were “always present” to provide safe and joyful passage into the wondrous healing experience available to us. Thank you dear Kathy!!

Laurete Francescato (New Mexico)

Once in a lifetime experience…

Wow, is all I can say after visiting the Casa! I have wanted to visit it since 2012 when I first heard about it from a dear friend but it wasn’t the right time.  In February 2018, I felt the urge and prayed to God about visiting the Casa. I had already taken many Casa herbs and used Kathy’s Crystal Bed many hours. This time, I felt God say “OK.”  I got my passport, eVisa, etc. Ready. Everything worked out so I went with Kathy’s group in April.

Kathy South is very knowledgeable about the Casa…

Most powerful healer in the Washington DC area

I have been getting energy sessions with Kathy since Feb 2007 after I learned about Reiki. Over the years I have been more and more involved with energy work and became more knowledgeable about it. I have witnessed the continual personal growth in Kathy’s abilities to channel healing energies. She is now the most powerful healer in the Washington DC area, in the sense that she is able to channel the highest energies.

Particularly impressive was a recent session I had with her when I had unusually…

Ioana Triandaf