Please enjoy the testimonials about people's experiences during Crystal Bed Therapy SessionsEmotional Freedom Technqiue (EFT) Sessions, and Transformational Healing Sessions.

Crystal Bed Therapy Testimonials

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Arthritic toes straightening out

On August 28, 2016, I had my first session on the John of God Crystal Therapy Bed. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 1992 and my right foot is or was fairly deformed from the disease. My surgeon told me in 2013 to travel and do what I wanted now before I no longer could. About 3 to 4 weeks after my first Crystal Bed session, my foot felt like it was being blown up like a balloon and then became numb. Didn’t think much about it other than it feeling weird. About a week later, I realized that the hammer toe on that foot was not rubbing against my shoe so I looked and I am still looking. My third toe which was a hammer use to rest on top of my forth toe. It does not now. It has its own space. It still has a little crook to it. There was also about an 1″ space between my second and third toe and that is now a little more than 1/4″. So grateful.

My second and third session have found my sinuses cleared. I actually have to blow my nose as they drain and the glands under my neck are soft . And, my sense of smell is back. My vision also seems more clear. Let’s just leave that as needing further confirmation.

Arlene Lapore

Multiple anonymous responses from PA group…

“Got extremely hot, then felt like menthol coolness around the bottom of my face down to my shoulder. Very relaxing and calming. Felt the healing entities around me. Saw my son and the angel my son sent me some time ago.”

“Waves of energy washing over me. Feeling one with the Universe. Each chakra cleansed. Sense healing entities around. Calming, beautiful experience.”

“Emotional clearing. Felt presences at my thymus, my tailbone. Someone lifted the wash cloth a bit. Work was done on both sides of my lower lat area. Very healing experience.”

“I was lifted off the table hovering close to crystals, then went away to a peaceful healing dimension on 3 separate occasions. Mind was cleansed; troubles disappeared; and spirit cleansed. Felt renewed. There were many others present during the peaceful expansion of healing energy. My energy rejuvenated and reconnected with Source, is now infinitely strong and more focused. Peaceful, powerful, loving vibrational healing. Brings clarity, unification, serenity.”

“My eyes were forced closed. My body was pinned down. I felt someone touching my legs up and down. I felt my eye patch move. I felt warm all over.”

“I felt at peace, supported, comforted. I went into a deep sleep. I felt tingling in my right leg and warmth in right eye.”

“I felt great love and peace and began to cry with gratefulness within the first few moments. I had an awareness of energy bodies of some sort were surrounding me. I began to feel so much love and thankfulness for my boys and imagined their bodies being healed. I saw myself in my inner vision travel, images of moving space. Left arm numb fingertips especially thumb. I believe my husband was there.”

“I felt cold and tingly and fell asleep. I felt someone touching my neck. It was a warm sensation.”

“Fell asleep. Very relaxed. Felt minor repairs being done during session. Felt my right arm being worked on as I tried to reposition it and it flopped back to original position. Felt stronger energies in the waiting/movie room.”

“I jogged about a half mile yesterday on my treadmill for the first time since the crystal bed. Unbelievable! No chest tightness, pressure, pain, sob, easily returned to normal respiration.”

“Felt like a panic attack at first. Had a headache, like sinus. Like smothering. At one point my right big toe was very painful. I had a sharp guick pain in one of my teeth. Very cold. Maybe slept. Maybe went somewhere.”

Anonymous (Pennsylvania)

Ability to hear outside noise again

Thank you for the experience. I would definitely do the crystal bed again. All I have been wanting to do is sleep. Called off today because of wanting to sleep. I am hoping it is part of detoxing. I did take notice of one thing right after session. I had not been able to hear well with my right ear, from having busted ear drum from abuse. I was able to hear outside noise like it was in the room with me. Thank you again. Blessings

A.B. (Pennsylvania)

Released old pain and patterns

My crystal bed session was amazing, as were my previous two sessions. As soon as I entered the building the energy started flowing. As I got onto the bed my energy was vibrating at a very high level. After the first few minutes, I left the bed and traveled to another dimension and received some intense work. In my previous sessions, I was given insights that helped me internally resolve some issues that I was having trouble releasing. Release of old pain and patterns and speaking my truth have been my areas of resistance. The crystal bed sessions have given me great guidance in these areas. I believe I received a mini-surgery which allowed me to release a large, toxic pile of garbage I was carrying.

Cindy Innerst-Axe

Saw Dr. Cruz with a scalpel

I first went to Kathy several years ago. She had told me of her Crystal Bed and I was intrigued with the idea of aligning Crystals along my Chakras. At first, I had a healthy amount of skepticism. Then, I did hear several of my other friends go and enjoyed the experience — they did not tell me of their experience, only that it was great. I did a 30 minute session and was pleasantly surprised. Whenever I attend a metaphysical/spiritual event, I always go with an open mind — with no perceived expectations. As soon as I lay down on the bed and the crystals were aligned over my chakras, I definitely felt a warmth spread throughout my body, in fact my hands were incredibly warm. During the entire session my eyes were closed yet I saw what I perceived to be two spirit Masters going through a book. One held a scalpel, introduced himself as Dr. Cruz, and told me he was going to scrape something off the artery in my leg but not to worry because it wouldn’t hurt. I watched him work on my leg. Afterwards, I felt very tired and totally out of it that night and the next day. I would totally recommend seeing Kathy as well as using the Crystal Bed, in fact, I cannot wait until I go back again!


Saw myself on hospital gurney with IV pole

I was recently guided to have a session on Kathy’s crystal bed, as I was about to begin a 30-day nutritional cleanse. It was not my first session, but by far the most powerful. I had been to the Casa in 2009 and experienced the subtle healing of many sessions on the crystal bed in Brazil and at Kathy’s house. As always, my session began very peacefully and I could feel the Entities working on my upper body. I asked specifically what they were healing, and the response was my “parasympathetic nervous system”. I saw the kind face of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the spiritual patron of the Casa. Then I was on a hospital gurney, with an attentive nurse sitting at my right and an IV pole on my left. I was completely out for at least 10 minutes. When I came to I felt extremely calm, peaceful and without pain in my physical body.

Robin Price

Portal to Brazil

From the outside, Kathy South’s townhouse in a leafy upscale neighborhood looked very nice. And it was, but much much more too. It turned out to be a portal to Brazil! Once inside the Crystal Bed room, Kathy settled me and began the session. Then it was like being back in Brazil without the heat and humidity. My system needed a lot of updating since my last Crystal Bed session three months ago at the Casa in Abadiania. The energy work started immediately, was very strong and direct. My experience would have been the same at the Casa de Dom Ignacio!

Afterwards, I felt somewhat discombobulated. The spiritual work had stirred up my energy where it was needed. That night, I spent 12 hours sleeping and processing the energy work. The next day, I had an enormous among of energy and self confidence.

Spencer Hathaway

You are in the house of Cruz

As soon as Kathy left the room, I felt a shift in the room. After asking “Who is there?‘”, I was told “You are in the house of Cruz. Didn’t you know that when you walked in the door?”  When I explained that I am focused on the dogs when I walk in, the response was “The dogs are part of the house of Cruz“.  I asked Dr. Cruz to help heal the fear I learned as a child.  I saw an incision beneath my sternum and felt expansion in my chest and shoulder. I was shown pink ice around my heart before being told that they cannot take care of this as it is my job.  I asked for a visual to help me understand. I saw a shroud around my body and was shown me taking one step forward at a time. After each step the shroud falls to the ground like sparkly dust and disappears.  I understood that dust to be my fear and was told “We are done with that issue“.

I invited healing white light to continue to help me and felt light energy enter my body in my stomach and extend to my face just under my nose. My skin felt tingly and very hot.  I was told to breathe in and out and then hold my breath. Each time I did this my muscle tone and body size do not feel familiar. My breathing was very slow.  I felt my muscles expand from under my nose, down to my hips. The feelings were very intense.  When I stopped feeling changes , I stated “I am grateful“, then it started again.  I kept thinking  “I am grateful” and received energy many more times. My muscles and body expanded each time the energy hit me.

I started feeling tired and unable to handle any more.  I called Kathy in my mind, and very soon heard her come in the room as the session ended.  I needed help getting up because my body was very stiff and I was moving slowly.  It was very hard to stand up straight. My face (lower cheeks) still felt stiff and strange for a while. Kathy told me to rest and sleep.

Jamie Walters

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Testimonials

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No need for sleeping pills after one session

I was skeptical and a little cynical about tapping until I saw Kathy last Friday for a session. That night, for the first time in about ten years, I was able to sleep through the night without any kind of sleeping pills or other kinds of sleeping aids. I’m interested in working through some other issues. She will probably have a field day with all I have to work on! Anyway, you won’t meet a more spiritual and sweeter person than Kathy. Just being in her presence gives a sense of calm and acceptance. And she has two beautiful rescued Greyhound dogs who work with her – talk about cheap labor!

Ann M.

Overwhelm turned into relaxation and joy

I am feeling so much more relaxed and joyful since our session and talk this afternoon. I really have to believe the EFT session had something to do with it.

Robbie W.

From anger to blissful peace

I had been harboring some deep anger over a situation for a long period of time and it was a burden to carry this weight. My attempts at intellectual reasoning and forgiveness were not working to release it. The EFT technique Kathy used got right to the heart of the issue and within one short session, the anger was gone! All that was left was a blank slate of blissful peace. Thanks Kathy!

Patty B.

Stress cut in half in minutes

I scheduled an EFT session with Kathy, not really knowing what EFT was, but curious about this new technique for stress release. Kathy asked me to name something specific that was causing me stress, and we went through the “tapping” sequence. As the session proceeded, my mind suddenly went to an incident from childhood that had a similarity to the current stress. I realized that I had been carrying the stress from this past incident for more than 40 years. Not only did I discover something that I needed to work on further, but in just the few minutes I was with Kathy, my stress from the past incident was cut in half! I was so pleased and amazed at how powerful EFT is and how skillful Kathy is as a practitioner!

Elizabeth Williams

Transformational Healing Testimonials

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I am very happy with the results

I have had tremendous changes since starting the healing. I had many problems with specific parts of my body that needed deep healing and release of trauma. The heart-wall and releasing trapped emotions have been a huge boost to clearing the barriers to my healing. I felt a huge amount of trapped emotions release from my lungs and other organs that has given me a major relief. I had problems with the heart murmur, organs, and other areas which have been mostly cleared or cured. As well as having major detox and cleanse of my whole body and organs. I am very happy with the results and would like to continue working on the healing. Thank you.

Ross V.

Thank you a million time for your help

Kathy, I am so grateful that we have kept in touch over the years and that I know that I can always count on you for Distance Healing. When I was dealing with tingling in my spinal cord and nerves, you were the first person to come to my mind. I am happy to report that after several sessions with you, I am feeling like my old self.  Thank you a million time for your help. You are truly gifted. Big hugs & love!

Carolyn McCaskill

I am so grateful to God and Kathy

I have been working with Kathy for the last 6 weeks. I purchased the Silver package. This was Divine timing, since I was home for 6 weeks. It allowed me the time I needed to heal. After our first session I had a vision of being frozen in ice. I allowed myself the time to thaw out and deal with all the feelings I suppressed years ago. As I allowed myself to relax I felt the boxes were I kept these feelings started to leak. Little by little I allowed myself to let go and release feelings. The more I surrendered to the process, the deeper I went, the more relaxed I became. I could take a deep breathe and relax my shoulders, no more holding on. Kathy also did repair work on my knees and shoulder which was all related to the emotional. I also received 2 MP3 with the package. They were amazing. I know this was a difficult time, for everyone, but I am so grateful to God and Kathy. I am a different person.

Barbara DiNapoli

Most powerful healer in the Washington DC area

I have been getting energy sessions with Kathy since Feb 2007 after I learned about Reiki. Over the years I have been more and more involved with energy work and became more knowledgeable about it. I have witnessed the continual personal growth in Kathy’s abilities to channel healing energies. She is now the most powerful healer in the Washington DC area, in the sense that she is able to channel the highest energies.

Particularly impressive was a recent session I had with her when I had unusually high blood pressure. I was in real danger and went to the emergency room where they gave me fluids and sent me home. My blood pressure continued to be high for several days. I was in bed unable to work so I decided to schedule an hour session with Kathy. After the session I felt just fine. Two days later I still felt somewhat off and was scared so I scheduled a half hour session with Kathy after which my blood pressure completely stabilized. I really think I was going to miss many days at work in this situation and take a long time to recover without Kathy’s energy work.

Ioana Triandaf

Meaningful transformation enacted in my life

I cannot thank Kathy enough for the meaningful transformation her work has enacted in my life. Kathy first worked with me in June 2013. I knew something was off balance in my life and something inside me knew that energy work was the answer. I had no idea that the work that Kathy facilitated for me and the healing she provided would end up being such a milestone in my life. During the session and immediately after I could feel something in me had changed. The session was powerful and I cried streaming tears of letting go during the session. When it was done I could feel I was in a new vibration and that I had let go of a lot even if I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. In the next weeks I finally gained the strength to leave a toxic relationship and shed many other negative aspects of my life. This kick started a journey for me of self-re-discovery, empowerment and growth. Even a chronic skin condition that had extended to many parts of my body began to heal. I was literally healing from inside and out. I explored several other modalities of energy healing during the 12 months that followed and returned to Kathy in July 2014. What a homecoming it was! To be in the presence of the energy that Kathy channels was beautiful, relaxing, and once again inspiring. My body soaked up the energy like if it were a delicious cup of cocoa after a long long journey. Kathy is passionate about what she does and respectful of everyone’s path and what shape that may take. Her gifts extend beyond herself- the entities and energy she works with could not have chosen a better medium to deliver their healing to the world. I hope to have the honor of having Kathy work on me in the future and would recommend anyone with a sincere desire to enact change and healing to visit her.

Catie Trombley

Transformative experience at the soul level

When I first came to hear about Kathy’s healing session, I went into the session with an intention to help resolve physical ailments. However, I was in for a big surprise. This session was not a typical Reiki session….but rather a transformative experience at the soul level. This session was a cure for me at the soul level, in the sense that it allowed me to gain a sense of empowerment to face life challenges. The Archangels and Beings of Light who work with Kathy equipped me with the determination and energy to move forward and carry on with my life’s purpose. Even though I was extremely fatigued for almost over a month with the inability to concentrate, I attribute that to my body adjusting to a higher vibration, and my body usually being sensitive to energetic healing. As Kathy has indicated, her services are for transformational healing, and I would highly recommend this work to those “feeling stuck” and would like to move forward in life to realign themselves with their life’s purpose.

Ankur Jain