Please enjoy the testimonials about people's experiences during Crystal Bed Therapy SessionsEmotional Freedom Technqiue (EFT) Sessions, Transformational Healing Sessions, and Trips to Abadiania.

Crystal Bed Therapy Testimonials

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Arthritic toes straightening out

On August 28, 2016, I had my first session on the John of God Crystal Therapy Bed. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since 1992 and my right foot is or was fairly deformed from the disease. My surgeon told me in 2013 to travel and do what I wanted now before I no longer could. About 3 to 4 weeks after my first Crystal Bed session, my foot felt like it was being blown up like a balloon and then became numb. Didn’t think much about it other than it feeling weird. About a week later, I realized that the hammer toe on that foot was not rubbing against my shoe so I looked and I am still looking. My third toe which was a hammer use to rest on top of my forth toe. It does not now. It has its own space. It still has a little crook to it. There was also about an 1″ space between my second and third toe and that is now a little more than 1/4″. So grateful.

My second and third session have found my sinuses cleared. I actually have to blow my nose as they drain and the glands under my neck are soft . And, my sense of smell is back. My vision also seems more clear. Let’s just leave that as needing further confirmation.

Arlene Lapore

Multiple anonymous responses from PA group…

“Got extremely hot, then felt like menthol coolness around the bottom of my face down to my shoulder. Very relaxing and calming. Felt the healing entities around me. Saw my son and the angel my son sent me some time ago.”

“Waves of energy washing over me. Feeling one with the Universe. Each chakra cleansed. Sense healing entities around. Calming, beautiful experience.”

“Emotional clearing. Felt presences at my thymus, my tailbone. Someone lifted the wash cloth a bit. Work was done on both sides of my lower lat area. Very healing experience.”

“I was lifted off the table hovering close to crystals, then went away to a peaceful healing dimension on 3 separate occasions. Mind was cleansed; troubles disappeared; and spirit cleansed. Felt renewed. There were many others present during the peaceful expansion of healing energy. My energy rejuvenated and reconnected with Source, is now infinitely strong and more focused. Peaceful, powerful, loving vibrational healing. Brings clarity, unification, serenity.”

“My eyes were forced closed. My body was pinned down. I felt someone touching my legs up and down. I felt my eye patch move. I felt warm all over.”

“I felt at peace, supported, comforted. I went into a deep sleep. I felt tingling in my right leg and warmth in right eye.”

“I felt great love and peace and began to cry with gratefulness within the first few moments. I had an awareness of energy bodies of some sort were surrounding me. I began to feel so much love and thankfulness for my boys and imagined their bodies being healed. I saw myself in my inner vision travel, images of moving space. Left arm numb fingertips especially thumb. I believe my husband was there.”

“I felt cold and tingly and fell asleep. I felt someone touching my neck. It was a warm sensation.”

“Fell asleep. Very relaxed. Felt minor repairs being done during session. Felt my right arm being worked on as I tried to reposition it and it flopped back to original position. Felt stronger energies in the waiting/movie room.”

“I jogged about a half mile yesterday on my treadmill for the first time since the crystal bed. Unbelievable! No chest tightness, pressure, pain, sob, easily returned to normal respiration.”

“Felt like a panic attack at first. Had a headache, like sinus. Like smothering. At one point my right big toe was very painful. I had a sharp guick pain in one of my teeth. Very cold. Maybe slept. Maybe went somewhere.”

Anonymous (Pennsylvania)

Ability to hear outside noise again

Thank you for the experience. I would definitely do the crystal bed again. All I have been wanting to do is sleep. Called off today because of wanting to sleep. I am hoping it is part of detoxing. I did take notice of one thing right after session. I had not been able to hear well with my right ear, from having busted ear drum from abuse. I was able to hear outside noise like it was in the room with me. Thank you again. Blessings

A.B. (Pennsylvania)

Released old pain and patterns

My crystal bed session was amazing, as were my previous two sessions. As soon as I entered the building the energy started flowing. As I got onto the bed my energy was vibrating at a very high level. After the first few minutes, I left the bed and traveled to another dimension and received some intense work. In my previous sessions, I was given insights that helped me internally resolve some issues that I was having trouble releasing. Release of old pain and patterns and speaking my truth have been my areas of resistance. The crystal bed sessions have given me great guidance in these areas. I believe I received a mini-surgery which allowed me to release a large, toxic pile of garbage I was carrying.

Cindy Innerst-Axe

Saw Dr. Cruz with a scalpel

I first went to Kathy several years ago. She had told me of her Crystal Bed and I was intrigued with the idea of aligning Crystals along my Chakras. At first, I had a healthy amount of skepticism. Then, I did hear several of my other friends go and enjoyed the experience — they did not tell me of their experience, only that it was great. I did a 30 minute session and was pleasantly surprised. Whenever I attend a metaphysical/spiritual event, I always go with an open mind — with no perceived expectations. As soon as I lay down on the bed and the crystals were aligned over my chakras, I definitely felt a warmth spread throughout my body, in fact my hands were incredibly warm. During the entire session my eyes were closed yet I saw what I perceived to be two spirit Masters going through a book. One held a scalpel, introduced himself as Dr. Cruz, and told me he was going to scrape something off the artery in my leg but not to worry because it wouldn’t hurt. I watched him work on my leg. Afterwards, I felt very tired and totally out of it that night and the next day. I would totally recommend seeing Kathy as well as using the Crystal Bed, in fact, I cannot wait until I go back again!


Saw myself on hospital gurney with IV pole

I was recently guided to have a session on Kathy’s crystal bed, as I was about to begin a 30-day nutritional cleanse. It was not my first session, but by far the most powerful. I had been to the Casa in 2009 and experienced the subtle healing of many sessions on the crystal bed in Brazil and at Kathy’s house. As always, my session began very peacefully and I could feel the Entities working on my upper body. I asked specifically what they were healing, and the response was my “parasympathetic nervous system”. I saw the kind face of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the spiritual patron of the Casa. Then I was on a hospital gurney, with an attentive nurse sitting at my right and an IV pole on my left. I was completely out for at least 10 minutes. When I came to I felt extremely calm, peaceful and without pain in my physical body.

Robin Price

Portal to Brazil

From the outside, Kathy South’s townhouse in a leafy upscale neighborhood looked very nice. And it was, but much much more too. It turned out to be a portal to Brazil! Once inside the Crystal Bed room, Kathy settled me and began the session. Then it was like being back in Brazil without the heat and humidity. My system needed a lot of updating since my last Crystal Bed session three months ago at the Casa in Abadiania. The energy work started immediately, was very strong and direct. My experience would have been the same at the Casa de Dom Ignacio!

Afterwards, I felt somewhat discombobulated. The spiritual work had stirred up my energy where it was needed. That night, I spent 12 hours sleeping and processing the energy work. The next day, I had an enormous among of energy and self confidence.

Spencer Hathaway

You are in the house of Cruz

As soon as Kathy left the room, I felt a shift in the room. After asking “Who is there?‘”, I was told “You are in the house of Cruz. Didn’t you know that when you walked in the door?”  When I explained that I am focused on the dogs when I walk in, the response was “The dogs are part of the house of Cruz“.  I asked Dr. Cruz to help heal the fear I learned as a child.  I saw an incision beneath my sternum and felt expansion in my chest and shoulder. I was shown pink ice around my heart before being told that they cannot take care of this as it is my job.  I asked for a visual to help me understand. I saw a shroud around my body and was shown me taking one step forward at a time. After each step the shroud falls to the ground like sparkly dust and disappears.  I understood that dust to be my fear and was told “We are done with that issue“.

I invited healing white light to continue to help me and felt light energy enter my body in my stomach and extend to my face just under my nose. My skin felt tingly and very hot.  I was told to breathe in and out and then hold my breath. Each time I did this my muscle tone and body size do not feel familiar. My breathing was very slow.  I felt my muscles expand from under my nose, down to my hips. The feelings were very intense.  When I stopped feeling changes , I stated “I am grateful“, then it started again.  I kept thinking  “I am grateful” and received energy many more times. My muscles and body expanded each time the energy hit me.

I started feeling tired and unable to handle any more.  I called Kathy in my mind, and very soon heard her come in the room as the session ended.  I needed help getting up because my body was very stiff and I was moving slowly.  It was very hard to stand up straight. My face (lower cheeks) still felt stiff and strange for a while. Kathy told me to rest and sleep.

Jamie Walters

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Testimonials

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No need for sleeping pills after one session

I was skeptical and a little cynical about tapping until I saw Kathy last Friday for a session. That night, for the first time in about ten years, I was able to sleep through the night without any kind of sleeping pills or other kinds of sleeping aids. I’m interested in working through some other issues. She will probably have a field day with all I have to work on! Anyway, you won’t meet a more spiritual and sweeter person than Kathy. Just being in her presence gives a sense of calm and acceptance. And she has two beautiful rescued Greyhound dogs who work with her – talk about cheap labor!

Ann M.

Overwhelm turned into relaxation and joy

I am feeling so much more relaxed and joyful since our session and talk this afternoon. I really have to believe the EFT session had something to do with it.

Robbie W.

From anger to blissful peace

I had been harboring some deep anger over a situation for a long period of time and it was a burden to carry this weight. My attempts at intellectual reasoning and forgiveness were not working to release it. The EFT technique Kathy used got right to the heart of the issue and within one short session, the anger was gone! All that was left was a blank slate of blissful peace. Thanks Kathy!

Patty B.

Stress cut in half in minutes

I scheduled an EFT session with Kathy, not really knowing what EFT was, but curious about this new technique for stress release. Kathy asked me to name something specific that was causing me stress, and we went through the “tapping” sequence. As the session proceeded, my mind suddenly went to an incident from childhood that had a similarity to the current stress. I realized that I had been carrying the stress from this past incident for more than 40 years. Not only did I discover something that I needed to work on further, but in just the few minutes I was with Kathy, my stress from the past incident was cut in half! I was so pleased and amazed at how powerful EFT is and how skillful Kathy is as a practitioner!

Elizabeth Williams

Transformational Healing Testimonials

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Transformative experience at the soul level

When I first came to hear about Kathy’s healing session, I went into the session with an intention to help resolve physical ailments. However, I was in for a big surprise. This session was not a typical Reiki session….but rather a transformative experience at the soul level. This session was a cure for me at the soul level, in the sense that it allowed me to gain a sense of empowerment to face life challenges. The Archangels and Beings of Light who work with Kathy equipped me with the determination and energy to move forward and carry on with my life’s purpose. Even though I was extremely fatigued for almost over a month with the inability to concentrate, I attribute that to my body adjusting to a higher vibration, and my body usually being sensitive to energetic healing. As Kathy has indicated, her services are for transformational healing, and I would highly recommend this work to those “feeling stuck” and would like to move forward in life to realign themselves with their life’s purpose.

Ankur Jain

Meaningful transformation enacted in my life

I cannot thank Kathy enough for the meaningful transformation her work has enacted in my life. Kathy first worked with me in June 2013. I knew something was off balance in my life and something inside me knew that energy work was the answer. I had no idea that the work that Kathy facilitated for me and the healing she provided would end up being such a milestone in my life. During the session and immediately after I could feel something in me had changed. The session was powerful and I cried streaming tears of letting go during the session. When it was done I could feel I was in a new vibration and that I had let go of a lot even if I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. In the next weeks I finally gained the strength to leave a toxic relationship and shed many other negative aspects of my life. This kick started a journey for me of self-re-discovery, empowerment and growth. Even a chronic skin condition that had extended to many parts of my body began to heal. I was literally healing from inside and out. I explored several other modalities of energy healing during the 12 months that followed and returned to Kathy in July 2014. What a homecoming it was! To be in the presence of the energy that Kathy channels was beautiful, relaxing, and once again inspiring. My body soaked up the energy like if it were a delicious cup of cocoa after a long long journey. Kathy is passionate about what she does and respectful of everyone’s path and what shape that may take. Her gifts extend beyond herself- the entities and energy she works with could not have chosen a better medium to deliver their healing to the world. I hope to have the honor of having Kathy work on me in the future and would recommend anyone with a sincere desire to enact change and healing to visit her.

Catie Trombley

Most powerful healer in the Washington DC area

I have been getting energy sessions with Kathy since Feb 2007 after I learned about Reiki. Over the years I have been more and more involved with energy work and became more knowledgeable about it. I have witnessed the continual personal growth in Kathy’s abilities to channel healing energies. She is now the most powerful healer in the Washington DC area, in the sense that she is able to channel the highest energies.

Particularly impressive was a recent session I had with her when I had unusually high blood pressure. I was in real danger and went to the emergency room where they gave me fluids and sent me home. My blood pressure continued to be high for several days. I was in bed unable to work so I decided to schedule an hour session with Kathy. After the session I felt just fine. Two days later I still felt somewhat off and was scared so I scheduled a half hour session with Kathy after which my blood pressure completely stabilized. I really think I was going to miss many days at work in this situation and take a long time to recover without Kathy’s energy work.

Ioana Triandaf

Trip to Abadiania Testimonials

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Profound and Unexpected Blessings

Years ago I had been called to see John of God in Brazil, however, timing and finances were not aligned. Having met Kathy October 2017 and learning she was a “Daughter of the Casa” reminded me of my intention and created awareness that now might be the time to go. Despite being called there, I had no expectations and no concept of what awakening I would experience. Being with Kathy eliminated any concern regarding this pilgrimage.

I was eager to experience this journey and when I went in front the Entity, my assignment was to sit and meditate in current for two days. To be honest, I was disappointed, but what did I know. Those days activated me in such a positive way. My ego got out of the way and I heard Spirit clearly. The downloads were immense and fulfilling. The expansive nature of being available to Spirit was overwhelming in gratitude and love.

One request I sought was renewed adrenals. For years I suffered with chronic fatigue and had very limited energy. Naturally, while in Brazil I was always energized. Once I came home, I was pleasantly surprised that my energy and drive increased immensely. Previously I needed naps almost daily to function, now I can go 5 am until 10 pm with vigor. This has allowed me to start exercising. Previously, if I did yoga I would need to come home a rest for hours. Now I thrive on workout days and stay productive. Finally I feel whole after years of trying so many other remedies.

My 17 year old son accompanied me. He has mild cerebral palsy that we have spent over a decade doing alternative treatments to battle. While he is ambulatory, his gait and balance are impacted. We asked for healing of his brain injury. After intervention, physically he immediately had headaches and awareness of “something going on” that was akin to healing. His legs are not fully functioning yet, but recently are improving as we follow protocol. As we anticipate another trip, we are so immensely grateful.

The added bonus was the time together with my son at Casa healed the adolescent rift created in recent years as he pulled away for his independence in a not so gentle way. The heartfelt mature conversations we experienced were priceless. Our souls reconnected and our hearts were opened fully. It made sending him off to college a few days later peaceful. That was our most profound blessing the unexpected one!

Linda Macek

Hit me with your best shot…

When I went to see John of God, I really had no specific requests. I asked that all emotional blocks be removed and to evolve my mediumship. Mentally, I told the Casa spirits to hit me with their best shot. My intentions for healing included getting rid of my glasses, ringing ears, right knee pain and left foot pain. The spirit in John of God sent me for spiritual intervention. While in my 24 hour recovery period, I woke up in terrible pain at midnight. I felt the Casa spirits working on the right side of my face. I forgot about a fall from the top of a sliding board at age 5 in which I hit the right of my face twice before landing face down on the cement, knocking myself out. They operated on my right knee. I also received operations on both ovaries, both feet and left knee. I accidentally popped the stiches in my right knee when I stretched my leg so I begged spirit to fix my right knee and help me with the pain in my face.  I am a fast healer so I asked spirit to remove the knee stiches 5 days after intervention. They removed the stiches at my request and then operated on my whole face. Once again I woke up at midnight in terrible pain. The bones in the right side of my face had been broken and reset. They broke most of the bones in my face and reset them. My mediumship and knowingness became very strong while at the Casa and has continued to increase.  Since I came home, the Casa spirits have continued to work on me, but that is another story to tell at another time. I hope everyone gets a chance to go to the Casa at least once in their lifetime.  I strongly recommend a guide like Kathy who understands what you need to do to get the most out of your trip.

Sheila Winter (York, PA)

Once in a lifetime experience…

Wow, is all I can say after visiting the Casa! I have wanted to visit it since 2012 when I first heard about it from a dear friend but it wasn’t the right time.  In February 2018, I felt the urge and prayed to God about visiting the Casa. I had already taken many Casa herbs and used Kathy’s Crystal Bed many hours. This time, I felt God say “OK.”  I got my passport, eVisa, etc. Ready. Everything worked out so I went with Kathy’s group in April.

Kathy South is very knowledgeable about the Casa and the protocols. Her website listed all the information that you need to prepare for the trip. I had some very memorable experiences. The first one was going in front of the Entity my Wednesday morning. Then I had spiritual intervention that afternoon. While resting, I felt a sharp pain in my left hip which made my leg jerk. I wear an Ankle Foot Brace (AFO) on this leg. I thought it was so strange. That night, I dreamed I saw two women. One told me that I had a small growth. I asked her where because I knew that I had problem with my left hip. I wondered if it was bursitis. The woman smiled and I woke up. I got up and wrote about the dream so I would not forget. In the morning, I gave Kathy a note explaining my dream. She told me that it was probably a nurse letting me know what they did. I was in awe!

A second memorable experience was meeting one of my former students from Gallaudet University. What a coincidence to meet him in Brazil. He was there for healing too. He stayed at the Casa for 3 weeks. It was so good to see a familiar face.

My third memorable experience happened at the prayer triangle in the Main Hall. I put a picture and list of names of family, friends and myself in the triangle and prayed for healing physically, mentally and emotionally for everyone. I laid my head on the triangle and prayed my heart out.  Afterward, I felt this intense emotion and started bawling for about 15-20 minutes. The Casa is truly sacred and it really affects people. It was profound!!!

My fourth memorable experience was walking past the Entity as I went in for my second intervention a week after my first. This Entity was sitting in the chair and was so different.  His intense eyes scanned me. His whole demeanor changed as he looked me up and down.  Kathy was so surprised to see how he looked at me. Kathy said it was an Entity who is very powerful. She recognized the energy and checked her intuition to confirm was indeed Dom Ignacio de Loyola (St Ignatius) incorporated during the interventions. The Casa is named after him. He is very famous and one of the principal Entities who guides Medium Joao. Wow!

On the last Friday, I was lucky to get the Entity’s signature on the triangle that I bought and a photo with John of God outside He recognized Kathy and smiled. He was happy to see her. She is truly a daughter of the Casa.

I am truly grateful to Kathy for her help and expertise, also for her being generous and caring.  Kathy even learned some sign language from me so that we could communicate. I am very glad that I visited the Casa and highly recommend it to others.  It is a once in a lifetime experience. I am still in awe!

Carolyn M. (Upper Marlboro, MD)

Unconditional love and continued presence in healing

I developed a head cold shortly after arriving in Brazil. Needless to say, crap was coming up and out off my nose and throat for two weeks. Shortly after returning to the US, I was sitting in my living room and the room started spinning. I felt bone tired and very nauseous, so I went to bed. A couple of hours later, I woke up and started vomiting and had diarrhea. For the next week I continued to feel very ill. Spiritual healing can take many forms, including physical sickness. For decades, I have been a walking body of stored-up toxins. That has shifted. The Entities have flushed the poisons from my being and I have begun a new life. Beginning that new life with me is my Abadiania rescue dog, Mike. The Entities brought us together just hours before I left Brazil. Mike is a constant reminder of what the Casa represents – unconditional love and a continued presence in healing. I have no idea what the future will bring but I always know that I am never alone. We are loved by the Entities and they always want our highest good. It is our responsibility to work with them to assure the best possible outcome, no only for ourselves but for all forms of life.

Kriss C. (Montana)

The Cure

I’m not even sure where the beginning actually is with this story but I can suffice to say it started with a very high level curse someone put on me to prove they can do anything they want. Not anything I asked for or deserved, but from someone that just viewed me as a threat because I know what they were doing to others. The general public would not notice a curse put on them like this. For the most part it would just appear to be an illness and an unfortunate death. A friend of mine had the same thing happen to him and he was in ICU within 3 days of the curse, stayed in ICU for more than 20 days with multiple organ failure and finally came home to hospice only to die on the day of the dead. Quite the joke you might say from this horrid world. He was a devoted healer, a great man of unconditional love.

In my case, picture rapid multiple organs decaying with a program marked for termination. I was fighting it, with costly ascension sessions that cleared karma that was not mine, reverse spell work and John of God crystal bed therapy treatments once a week. I just wasn’t making any headway after 18 months but was still alive, having spent around $8,000. I finally got online to order a crystal bed from the Casa and things took a turn. John of God stood before me through the veil to say I needed to go to the Casa and not just order a bed. Not truly understanding the ramifications of the curse I was looking at during that time, I took what he was saying as having some level of urgency. A long overdue visit to the Casa was calling with a chance to reverse, slow down or undue this situation I was in.

With ongoing chest pains, irregular breathing patterns, memory loss, vision problems, enlarged spleen and a large tumor festering on my thyroid, I walked through the gates of the Casa in Abadiania on a Monday. Through the veil the medical teams started to work rapidly releasing grid like structures that were causing disease and decay from the curse. Over 160 one hour treatments were done first, then the spirit surgeons started around the clock. Medical teams had to restore every organ one at a time with heart surgery first. They informed me that the medical units needed at least 2 weeks to get through the reverse stages of decay and do repairs to a level I could function and be safe when I left. I was also taking a crystal light bed with me that I purchased so that the medical teams could continue to work when I returned home. For 2 weeks I met with multiple specialists and medical experts through the veil and was advised as to my next treatment plan as they got through the stages of my medical dilemma.

For hours Kathy was used as my generator while I just rested in bed or sat at the dinner table with her while the medical teams worked. It could not have been possible without her. They needed her full time and without any distractions or other clients to finish the work that was needed to be done on me. I was her full time patient for this trip. She helped me get Casa herbs for all my friends that I paid for and assisted me with submitting prayers for 54 friends and family to the Casa triangles for immediate healing. Most of my friends called to say within 20 minutes, they felt the medical teams working on them. Kathy’s help as a guide was invaluable. Don’t think you can do all that on your own.

There are many that visit the Casa with just faith and hope and cannot see what I see. But I can attest to the spiritual world that is there for us, through the veil in a dimension of protection, medical knowledge and expertise. The Casa spiritual hospital was efficient, apathetic, diligent, dedicated and kind. My gratitude cannot be conveyed in words. I met John of God, the man who has spent his life creating this for us to get the help we need. A joyful end on a Friday afternoon and many signed wooden Casa triangles to take home from him. A world without limits, a world with miraculous healing and a world we can come back to later anytime by visiting a Casa crystal light bed. It’s 2017.

Sheryl B.

Peace is a miracle, too

In the back of mind, I have this vision of never-ending blue skies filled with myriad cumulus clouds above Abadiania. I feel the gentle warmth of the climate and hear the secret peace of the little town. These are physical symbols I use to contemplate that place where my soul supped upon a similar vista, but one of a spiritual nature: a place where it is common to actively welcome a splendid, healed world and a splendid, healed life; where miracles greet you like an old friend and you feel like you did when you were a kid, only a kid with all your tribulations held up and healed.

The Casa has it’s own practical way about it, just as any place that does things has its way. There were many parts to it that made sense only after getting to know it. Having someone there that knows the Casa like a friend, as Kathy does, allowed me, without having to lift a finger of effort, to experience the Casa carefree and focus just on my little part; and so, it allowed engagement with the Case to be purely beautiful.

Dave Anderson (Fairfax, VA)

I believe I am completely healed

On January 5, 2005 I was at work and suddenly lost my voice. I went home and by the next day I could not walk, talk, see, or breathe properly. I was seen by approximately 35 specialists none of which could offer me any hope except to learn and live with it. I suffered with Hemiplegic migraines, Cranial and Laryngeal Dystonia, Vocal Fold Motion Disorder, Diplopia, Ataxia, C2-C7 were severely compressed and degenerative and two discs were bulging. I had a pinched nerve which caused constant pain down my left arm. I had a lump in my left arm pit which was confirmed by ultrasound and skin cancer (sun) on my lip known as a Venus Pool which was black in color.

I had never heard of John of God before the Oprah show. I was so excited to see the show on the Friday night in the spring of 2013 I could barely contain myself. I was so lucky the show repeated again on Saturday and Sunday. I knew from the first moment I saw the show that I would be healed if I made it to the Casa. Little did I know that John of God was in Toronto, only a half hour drive from my home on the days that I watched the Oprah program. It just shows you that the Entities have things planned for you, you don’t make your own plans. But I was so ill I couldn’t travel. I was able to send my photograph down to Brazil and was told that the Entities would be working on me, but it would take a long time. This was in March and I was given a Blessed Crystal and a Triangle necklace which I wore day and night and I meditated. I became well enough to travel alone and began making plans. Being on disability did not allow me much in the way of extra income and I was lucky enough to find Kathy South, who I found her price as a guide to be fair beyond anyone else, and easy to work with. Not only did Kathy guide me through the ways of the Casa, but she also set up a tour of Brasilia prior to our arrival in Abadiania.

In June of 2013 I arrived in Abadiania. I consider it a place that God left untouched and only added the bare necessities. I found myself suddenly enjoying life without televisions, or the rush of life back home. I suddenly began to experience constant migraine headaches, which I hadn’t had in months. They continued for days and I started to have my episodes (seizures) again, approximately 4-5 times daily. When this happens I lose my sight, speech, and ability to walk as my left side goes limp. As a result I ended up pushing around a wheelchair and when an episode hit me I would use my wheelchair.

Kathy directed each of us in the group as to which line we should go in at the Casa. Being at the Casa had a lot of protocol, but we were easily directed by Kathy. Without her I don’t know how I would have made my way around. I had my first spiritual surgery on the first Thursday and asked for healing for my headaches and Dystonia. By the next morning my headaches were gone and so was my Dystonia and the weakness on the left side of my body. To this date I have not had another episode.

I knew that my life would change forever when I attended the Casa and went before John of God (The Entity), but nothing prepared me for such a spiritual surrender as during my second surgery. I requested to have visual surgery and was placed in the front of the Entities Chair. I was told to place my right hand over my heart and my left hand at my side, keep my eyes closed and think of 9 items I wanted healed. It seemed like I waited forever, then suddenly my left arm rose in the air on it’s own until it was even with my shoulder. It stayed there without me doing anything. Then my body began to lean forward with my heels off the ground and I stood only on my toes. I felt my rosary and necklaces hanging straight down to the ground. It felt like I was being held gently, yet securely. Tears started to run down my face and I suddenly realized that I wasn’t breathing any more. It was then that I knew I was being held by angels and was being touched by God. This was such a divine moment in my life that I will never, ever forget. I could not hear anything, then suddenly the Entity placed his left hand on my back and his right hand on my right hand, which he squeezed very hard and said something in Portuguese. I then fell backwards into a wheelchair and went to the infirmary. I could not open my eyes on the way even if I wanted to. I was placed on a bed and once my shoes were off I felt tremendous pain and heat coming out of the bottom of my feet. This went on for about 15 minutes and then I fell asleep for about an hour. During this healing, I asked that I have my neck repaired, all my organs cleansed, and my Vocal Cord Motion worked on. After I returned to my hotel room, I slept for 24 hours.

My health has continued to improve daily, and my doctor is decreasing my medications. I was taking 21 or more pills per day just to get by. It will take about 6 months to get my meds down to where I would like them, but this is a beginning. I plan to return to Abadiania later this year and again next year, and the year after that, etc.

As far as I go medically, I am still episodic free. I have not lost my vision, speech, breathing, or ability to walk since I was healed at the Casa. I am also still pain free in my neck (which was compressed and degenerative from C2-C7, with 2 bulging discs). I believe it is completely healed. The pinched nerve going down my left arm is completely gone and my arm is pain free for the first time in 30 years, along with my neck. The lump under my left underarm is completely gone, and I will be getting an Ultrasound to confirm it. The sun cancer, or Venus pool on my lip is almost completely gone. I am migraine free. I am free of all my depression and my doctor is slowly reducing my medication for both this and pain. I am getting only half of the Percocet and the rest is Tylenol 3. It will decrease from there along with other meds.

Thank you Kathy for helping guide me through the Casa.

Kathleen Gregoire (Toronto)

Deepest gratitude

When my brother and I decided to see the John of God, we knew nothing. We looked at all Casa group leaders and chose Kathy. We wanted Kathy to be our guide because the information she provided either on the phone or in her website about the trip was comprehensive, simple and extremely helpful. Kathy is a caring, kind, generously helpful, easygoing, cheerful and energetic person. She elegantly explains everything one needs to know about the trip to Abadiania, the Casa and John of God. Her ability to speak Portuguese is very valuable to communicate with locals and others at the Casa. Since we came back from Abadiania, we have been recommending Kathy as a Casa guide to friends and relatives because we know they will have a pleasant and memorable trip to Abadiania.

Dearest Kathy: We would like to thank you and express our deepest gratitude for your kindness, help, support and guidance and thank you for making our trip to Abadiania an easy, productive and fun trip to remember for ever. God bless you!

Shahin and Bahman (Toronto)

Absolutely amazing, unique adventure

The Casa tour is an absolutely amazing, unique adventure. The Casa is a simple place filled with wonderful people, inspiring stories and a powerful sense of community. My experience connecting with the healing energy varied from subtle to WOW. Through it all, Kathy provided guidance on the Casa protocols and opportunities to make my trip even more enjoyable. And since the healing continues even after you leave, this is a trip that keeps on giving. Hope to see you there.

Terry Kandrik

How can I keep from singing?

What words could possibly describe my journey to Brazil . . . amazing energy, unconditional love, and joy, joy, joy! To quote my favorite hymn: “How can I keep from singing?”

Robin Price

Rough start to transformational experience

Being at the Casa presented challenges for me. I became irritable and extremely negative within 48 hours of arrival. Kathy immediately refocused me by her quick verbal response stating “The only thing you need to do is to focus on YOUR HEALING, NOTHING ELSE.” They seem like obvious and simple words but, when your in Abadiania, you’re in another world altogether and this straight forward guidance is the only thing that kept me in Brazil, open and receptive to healing. Kathy’s guidance and diligent refocusing continued for the duration of my experience and she is the only reason that I made it through without leaving. Feeling confident in front of John of God is only possible with a guide that not only speaks Portuguese, but assures you that your brief time with the Entities is effective. Kathy is well known in and around the Casa which is conducive for your relaxation into the healing environment. This experience has been transformational and I am so happy to have met Kathy.

Nancy Ciasulli

Extremely conscientious guide

I have been to the Casa in Abadiania twice, both times with Kathy South. There is a reason the Entities recommend that you go there with an official guide-the procedural rules they have established for healing are complicated and can be confusing. With Portuguese-speaking Kathy at your side, you can concentrate on your healing-and she will make sure that you follow the necessary steps. She puts her full attention on helping those who accompany her to the Casa; and she is extremely conscientious and unselfish with her time. Going to the spiritual hospital at the Casa in Abadiania was incredible, and going with the deeply spiritual Kathy made it even more special. Thank you, Kathy!

Dominick Gibino (Virginia)

Gift Beyond Wildest Dreams

It surely was a great group of five that had the opportunity to share and receive your amazing guidance, love, laughter, and wisdom for two weeks. A gift beyond the measure of my wildest dreams…..so reassuring to know that you were “always present” to provide safe and joyful passage into the wondrous healing experience available to us. Thank you dear Kathy!!

Laurete Francescato (New Mexico)