The Cure

I’m not even sure where the beginning actually is with this story but I can suffice to say it started with a very high level curse someone put on me to prove they can do anything they want. Not anything I asked for or deserved, but from someone that just viewed me as a threat because I know what they were doing to others. The general public would not notice a curse put on them like this. For the most part it would just appear to be an illness and an unfortunate death. A friend of mine had the same thing happen to him and he was in ICU within 3 days of the curse, stayed in ICU for more than 20 days with multiple organ failure and finally came home to hospice only to die on the day of the dead. Quite the joke you might say from this horrid world. He was a devoted healer, a great man of unconditional love.

In my case, picture rapid multiple organs decaying with a program marked for termination. I was fighting it, with costly ascension sessions that cleared karma that was not mine, reverse spell work and John of God crystal bed therapy treatments once a week. I just wasn’t making any headway after 18 months but was still alive, having spent around $8,000. I finally got online to order a crystal bed from the Casa and things took a turn. John of God stood before me through the veil to say I needed to go to the Casa and not just order a bed. Not truly understanding the ramifications of the curse I was looking at during that time, I took what he was saying as having some level of urgency. A long overdue visit to the Casa was calling with a chance to reverse, slow down or undue this situation I was in.

With ongoing chest pains, irregular breathing patterns, memory loss, vision problems, enlarged spleen and a large tumor festering on my thyroid, I walked through the gates of the Casa in Abadiania on a Monday. Through the veil the medical teams started to work rapidly releasing grid like structures that were causing disease and decay from the curse. Over 160 one hour treatments were done first, then the spirit surgeons started around the clock. Medical teams had to restore every organ one at a time with heart surgery first. They informed me that the medical units needed at least 2 weeks to get through the reverse stages of decay and do repairs to a level I could function and be safe when I left. I was also taking a crystal light bed with me that I purchased so that the medical teams could continue to work when I returned home. For 2 weeks I met with multiple specialists and medical experts through the veil and was advised as to my next treatment plan as they got through the stages of my medical dilemma.

For hours Kathy was used as my generator while I just rested in bed or sat at the dinner table with her while the medical teams worked. It could not have been possible without her. They needed her full time and without any distractions or other clients to finish the work that was needed to be done on me. I was her full time patient for this trip. She helped me get Casa herbs for all my friends that I paid for and assisted me with submitting prayers for 54 friends and family to the Casa triangles for immediate healing. Most of my friends called to say within 20 minutes, they felt the medical teams working on them. Kathy’s help as a guide was invaluable. Don’t think you can do all that on your own.

There are many that visit the Casa with just faith and hope and cannot see what I see. But I can attest to the spiritual world that is there for us, through the veil in a dimension of protection, medical knowledge and expertise. The Casa spiritual hospital was efficient, apathetic, diligent, dedicated and kind. My gratitude cannot be conveyed in words. I met John of God, the man who has spent his life creating this for us to get the help we need. A joyful end on a Friday afternoon and many signed wooden Casa triangles to take home from him. A world without limits, a world with miraculous healing and a world we can come back to later anytime by visiting a Casa crystal light bed. It’s 2017.