Profound and Unexpected Blessings

Years ago I had been called to see John of God in Brazil, however, timing and finances were not aligned. Having met Kathy October 2017 and learning she was a “Daughter of the Casa” reminded me of my intention and created awareness that now might be the time to go. Despite being called there, I had no expectations and no concept of what awakening I would experience. Being with Kathy eliminated any concern regarding this pilgrimage.

I was eager to experience this journey and when I went in front the Entity, my assignment was to sit and meditate in current for two days. To be honest, I was disappointed, but what did I know. Those days activated me in such a positive way. My ego got out of the way and I heard Spirit clearly. The downloads were immense and fulfilling. The expansive nature of being available to Spirit was overwhelming in gratitude and love.

One request I sought was renewed adrenals. For years I suffered with chronic fatigue and had very limited energy. Naturally, while in Brazil I was always energized. Once I came home, I was pleasantly surprised that my energy and drive increased immensely. Previously I needed naps almost daily to function, now I can go 5 am until 10 pm with vigor. This has allowed me to start exercising. Previously, if I did yoga I would need to come home a rest for hours. Now I thrive on workout days and stay productive. Finally I feel whole after years of trying so many other remedies.

My 17 year old son accompanied me. He has mild cerebral palsy that we have spent over a decade doing alternative treatments to battle. While he is ambulatory, his gait and balance are impacted. We asked for healing of his brain injury. After intervention, physically he immediately had headaches and awareness of “something going on” that was akin to healing. His legs are not fully functioning yet, but recently are improving as we follow protocol. As we anticipate another trip, we are so immensely grateful.

The added bonus was the time together with my son at Casa healed the adolescent rift created in recent years as he pulled away for his independence in a not so gentle way. The heartfelt mature conversations we experienced were priceless. Our souls reconnected and our hearts were opened fully. It made sending him off to college a few days later peaceful. That was our most profound blessing the unexpected one!