Peace is a miracle, too

In the back of mind, I have this vision of never-ending blue skies filled with myriad cumulus clouds above Abadiania. I feel the gentle warmth of the climate and hear the secret peace of the little town. These are physical symbols I use to contemplate that place where my soul supped upon a similar vista, but one of a spiritual nature: a place where it is common to actively welcome a splendid, healed world and a splendid, healed life; where miracles greet you like an old friend and you feel like you did when you were a kid, only a kid with all your tribulations held up and healed.

The Casa has it’s own practical way about it, just as any place that does things has its way. There were many parts to it that made sense only after getting to know it. Having someone there that knows the Casa like a friend, as Kathy does, allowed me, without having to lift a finger of effort, to experience the Casa carefree and focus just on my little part; and so, it allowed engagement with the Case to be purely beautiful.