Bone fractures repaired during movie

I just wanted to thank you for such a mystical experience! Upon meeting you  at the Institute for Spiritual Development, I benefited from the entities while viewing the movie about John of God.  Initially I thought, maybe my “bones were just cracking”  but it was much more than that!  What I felt was a precise and swift adjustment to a dull, throbbing and demobilizing shoulder pain. It made me want to say “ow” out loud but I was able to control that outburst! I also noticed more movement along my ankle cord. These are two very big adjustments for me, since I am recovering from three bone fractures on the right side of my body. I left there walking SO MUCH BETTER.  I followed this experience up with the crystal bed therapy. I am just waking up from that this morning. I feel relaxed and aligned and that speaks volumes.  My ankle continues to improve   and my low back pain is not as noticeable! I like the benefit of clarity and calm.   Thank you so much for this exposure and I will see you again!

Would you believe I walked a mile yesterday and felt no pain! No swelling! No fatigue!  I am amazed and truly grateful! I was evening lightly running up the steps this morning- I did not even think about it, but noticed it after I had done it! WOW!!!