I am so grateful to God and Kathy

I have been working with Kathy for the last 6 weeks. I purchased the Silver package. This was Divine timing, since I was home for 6 weeks. It allowed me the time I needed to heal. After our first session I had a vision of being frozen in ice. I allowed myself the time to thaw out and deal with all the feelings I suppressed years ago. As I allowed myself to relax I felt the boxes were I kept these feelings started to leak. Little by little I allowed myself to let go and release feelings. The more I surrendered to the process, the deeper I went, the more relaxed I became. I could take a deep breathe and relax my shoulders, no more holding on. Kathy also did repair work on my knees and shoulder which was all related to the emotional. I also received 2 MP3 with the package. They were amazing. I know this was a difficult time, for everyone, but I am so grateful to God and Kathy. I am a different person.