Usui Reiki Training

Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a system of natural healing rediscovered in Japan by Mikao Usui around 1920 and brought to the West due to Chujiro Hayashi's teaching of Hawaiian-born Hawayo Takata. The Japanese term "rei" translates to "universal" and the term "ki" translates to "life force or energy". So Reiki is essentially the "universal life force" that permeates all living things and exists everywhere. Reiki connects us with the Divine.

Reiki can be used to heal body, mind, and spirit, including the chakra system, the cells of the physical body, and the layers of the aura for people and animals. Reiki treats the "cause" of a person's or animal's difficulty, rather than the symptom. Students begin their training with Usui Reiki I.

Usui Reiki I - Beginner

In this beginning level also referred to as Shoden, the student receives four attunements during a two day class, based on traditional Usui Reiki training. The attunements open the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras to the Reiki energy. A student at this level begins to feel the Reiki energy in their hands. They begin to sense the energy. The student learns how to use the basic hand positions to give Reiki to different areas of the body, both on animals, themselves and others.

Dates Fee
TBD January 2019 (9:30AM - 5PM) $200


Usui Reiki II - Intermediate

In this intermediate level also referred to as Okuden, the student receives two attunements during a two day class. The attunements open the sacral and solar plexus chakras to the Reiki energy. The student learns three Reiki symbols: 1st - power symbol, 2nd - emotional/mental healing symbol, and 3rd - distance symbol. Often, animals will only accept Reiki from a distance, whether it be a few feet in their presence or not physically present at all. The student learns to do distant healing with the symbols.

Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki I.

Dates Fee
TBD May 2019 (9:30AM - 5PM) $250


Usui Reiki III - Master/Teacher - Advanced

In this 3-day advanced level also referred to as Shinpiden, the student receives one final attunement. The attunement opens the root chakra to the Reiki energy. A student at this level learns the 4th symbol which is used for giving attunements. The student learns how to give attunements for all three levels and learns advanced healing techniques that are easily integrated in a Reiki session for people and animals. The student brings Reiki into their life path and becomes a teacher. The term "Reiki Master" was associated with Level III by the West and has never been used in the traditional Japanese system. The term "Master" is strictly western terminology and not recognized in Japan, which uses "Sensei" instead.

Pre-requisite: Usui Reiki II (or equivalent) and at least 6 months hands-on practice.