Transformational Healing

5349608As a intuitive healer and medium, Kathy works directly with high-vibrational and highly evolved spirits of Light who balance and align your energies directly through her mediumship. Healing energies flow through Kathy as a pure channel for love and light. Kathy pulls from all her modalities to uniquely work with you in a spiritual healing session. Read Healing Session Testimonials.

A transformational healing session can incorporate any combination of these energetic modalities as intuitively guided: Reiki, Magnified Healing, Regeneration Healing, Quantum Work, Medical Intuitive Techniques, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotion Code, Clairvoyant Information, and Spiritual Guidance.

Transformational healing that improves your life and well-being.

New Clients: Complete the New Client Form and follow instructions below.

NOTE: First-time clients receive a 90 minute session to allow time for consultation and discussion of healing goals.

In-person: Complete and sign the form and bring to appointment.

Distant: Complete the form and mail or email it to Kathy prior to appointment.

Call 717-900-1381 for an appointment or contact Kathy.

Session Duration Cost
 60 minutes $120
 90 minutes $180

Appointment Schedule:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
[10am - 12pm, 2pm - 4pm, 7pm - 8pm]

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Healing Session Testimonials

Transformative experience at the soul level

When I first came to hear about Kathy’s healing session, I went into the session with an intention to help resolve physical ailments. However, I was in for a big surprise. This session was not a typical Reiki session….but rather a transformative experience at the soul level. This session was a cure for me at the soul level, in the sense that it allowed me to gain a sense of empowerment to face life challenges. The Archangels and Beings of Light who work with Kathy equipped me with the determination and energy to move forward and carry on with my life’s purpose. Even though I was extremely fatigued for almost over a month with the inability to concentrate, I attribute that to my body adjusting to a higher vibration, and my body usually being sensitive to energetic healing. As Kathy has indicated, her services are for transformational healing, and I would highly recommend this work to those “feeling stuck” and would like to move forward in life to realign themselves with their life’s purpose.

Ankur Jain

Meaningful transformation enacted in my life

I cannot thank Kathy enough for the meaningful transformation her work has enacted in my life. Kathy first worked with me in June 2013. I knew something was off balance in my life and something inside me knew that energy work was the answer. I had no idea that the work that Kathy facilitated for me and the healing she provided would end up being such a milestone in my life. During the session and immediately after I could feel something in me had changed. The session was powerful and I cried streaming tears of letting go during the session. When it was done I could feel I was in a new vibration and that I had let go of a lot even if I couldn’t put my finger on what it was. In the next weeks I finally gained the strength to leave a toxic relationship and shed many other negative aspects of my life. This kick started a journey for me of self-re-discovery, empowerment and growth. Even a chronic skin condition that had extended to many parts of my body began to heal. I was literally healing from inside and out. I explored several other modalities of energy healing during the 12 months that followed and returned to Kathy in July 2014. What a homecoming it was! To be in the presence of the energy that Kathy channels was beautiful, relaxing, and once again inspiring. My body soaked up the energy like if it were a delicious cup of cocoa after a long long journey. Kathy is passionate about what she does and respectful of everyone’s path and what shape that may take. Her gifts extend beyond herself- the entities and energy she works with could not have chosen a better medium to deliver their healing to the world. I hope to have the honor of having Kathy work on me in the future and would recommend anyone with a sincere desire to enact change and healing to visit her.

Catie Trombley

Most powerful healer in the Washington DC area

I have been getting energy sessions with Kathy since Feb 2007 after I learned about Reiki. Over the years I have been more and more involved with energy work and became more knowledgeable about it. I have witnessed the continual personal growth in Kathy’s abilities to channel healing energies. She is now the most powerful healer in the Washington DC area, in the sense that she is able to channel the highest energies.

Particularly impressive was a recent session I had with her when I had unusually high blood pressure. I was in real danger and went to the emergency room where they gave me fluids and sent me home. My blood pressure continued to be high for several days. I was in bed unable to work so I decided to schedule an hour session with Kathy. After the session I felt just fine. Two days later I still felt somewhat off and was scared so I scheduled a half hour session with Kathy after which my blood pressure completely stabilized. I really think I was going to miss many days at work in this situation and take a long time to recover without Kathy’s energy work.

Ioana Triandaf