Send a Photo to John of God

Casa de Dom Inacio

Send your photo to John of God with Kathy during one of her trips to the Casa to request help from the Healing Spirits who incorporate in John of God. The energy unique for your healing is imbued into passionfruit plant herbal supplement. The herb is the same for everyone yet the energy is unique to you, thereby blending the spiritual and physical realms.

The spirit of Dr. Augusto de Almeida has repeatedly told Kathy that "Everyone should try to come to the Casa." Until you are able to make the trip to John of God at the Casa, keep sending your photo to continue your spiritual treatment.

The Entities ask that ALL photos follow these guidelines:

Information Photo 3 Requests for Help
Street Address
City, State, Zipcode
Date of Birth
Recent head-to-toe front view wearing light or white colored clothing.
No black clothes!
These are not questions but specific things that you are focused on in life and want help with: physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
Samples: knee pain; finances; new fulfilling job; new house; life partner; arthritis; depression; release fears; contentment; remove sadness; eyes; ears; brain tumor; more happiness; anxiety; weight loss; nerve pain; alcoholism; clarity on my path.
Submission Options
1. Email the required information with attached photo as JPG
2. Mail a paper photo with information written on the back of photo. Print on regular paper that is easy to fold.

For April 2018 trip, Kathy will accept photos from March 1st - April 7th.

Mail photo & payment to: Kathy South2595 Stanford Drive |  York, PA 17402


Email photo with information to:

Casa donations are optional and must be separate from herb payment in US dollars bills (no checks please).

Herbs will be mailed within a week after Kathy returns home.

Cost for Sending Photos for Healing

Kathy charges $60 to prepare and deliver your photo to the Entity at the Casa, purchase, pack and mail your Casa herbs. If you want more than 1 bottle, each additional bottle is $35.

Payment must be received with photo submission prior to trip.

1 Bottle of Casa Herbs: $60

Extra Bottles of Casa Herbs: $35 each

NOTE: Sometimes the Entity puts photos of children under 12 years of age in his work basket to work on the child directly without a prescription. If you submit a photo of a child under 12 for healing, wait to hear from Kathy about the result and cost of herbs for the child.

Photos for Blessing

Send a photo for blessing if a person does not know you have their photo or they will not take the herbs and follow the protocol described for healing. Photos for blessing are placed in the prayer triangle at the Casa.

Kathy does not charge for photos for blessing. However, the Casa runs on donations and a $10 donation is suggested.

Photos for Healing

Send a photo for healing if a person is willing to participate in their healing. All photos presented for healing automatically get a blessing.

Photos for healing are handed to the Entity by Kathy to get an energetic prescription unique to the person. The energy is imbued in the herbal supplement passiflora (passion flower leaves) which a mild relaxant and does not interfere with any medications. The passiflora is to be added to your existing diet, medications and/or supplement routine because it contains the spiritual healing energies needed for your body to gradually heal.

The Casa prescription lasts approximately 8 weeks if taken 3 times per day as directed. The entire time a person takes Casa prescriptions, they must follow the protocol described below. Once you start taking a Casa prescription, continue until you finish. This is your part in your healing.

Each time you send a photo for healing, a new energetic prescription is written by the Entities after they see how you've integrated the healing energies from before. Continue the treatment to see longterm results. If you wish the Entities to continue helping you, you must do your work.

Your herbs are energized specifically for you.
Only you can take your Casa herb prescription. Do not share!

Instructions and Diet While Taking Casa Herbs

Do NOT ingest the food or drink listed below:
1. Alcohol of any kind or amount (except the tiny amount contained in tinctures).
2. Fertilized eggs. Eggs bought in stores are non-fertilized and safe to eat.
3. Chilies, hot peppers, black/white/red pepper seasoning, cayenne, hot sauces, etc.

Over 12 years of age: Take 2 capsules daily (morning and evening) with at least 4 hours between capsules. NEVER double up if you miss a capsule. Simply continue where you left off.

Under 12 years of age: Take 1 capsule daily before sleep.

The herbs may be taken with food or on an empty stomach, with meals or between meals.
If swallowing capsules is a problem or you have problem digesting the capsule, open the capsule and mix it in water, juice or with your food.

To receive the full benefit, take your herbs consciously and observe the simple rules.

Do not allow anyone else to handle your herbs unless you are incapacitated.

When taken as directed the herbs have a powerful immune building and healing quality. The Entities direct Divine energy into each bottle specifically for the recipient according to what he observes in the person standing before him or in the photograph presented to him. Although each person receives the same type of herbs (Passiflora: ground up passion flower leaves), no two regimens are alike.

For optimum recovery, you MAY wish to avoid sugar, junk food, black coffee, colas and smoking. You are trying to maximize your body's ability to repair cell tissue.

Should you decide for some reason not to take or to discontinue taking the herbs, please bless them and return them to the earth by dissolving them with water. The containers may be recycled.

When you are nearly complete with your herbs, send another photo or return to the Casa until the Entity says "You are complete."

There is no magic at the Casa. Spiritual work takes time. Be patient!
The Entities don't take responsibility for our healing unless we follow the protocol.