Lightarian Attunement Programs

Lightarian Institute for Global Human TransformationKathy South is a registered teacher with the Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation and is authorized to facilitate the Lightarian AngelLinks™, Lightarian Rays™, Lightarian Reiki™ and Lightarian Ascension Bands™ attunement programs. All Lightarian attunements raise your vibration, thereby aiding you in processing the energy shifts happening on Earth.

The Lightarian attunements are passed from teacher to student via wonderful meditations. Students read and study a short manual before receiving the attunement in person or distantly (phone or Skype). The Lightarian attunements are categorized as: Angel Track, Ascended Master Track, and Buddhic Track.

All Lightarian attunements are by appointment. Contact Kathy to schedule your appointment.


Receive gentle support through the angelic flame of unconditional love; angelic courage, healing and illumination; angelic joy and communications; angelic beauty, appreciation and creativity; and non-judgment and angelic guideship.

Ascended Master TRACK

Receive support from Ascended Masters who work with you to empower you along your path, clear blocks, heal you on all levels, activate dormant gifts, and manifest your desires before getting connected to Source energy.

Buddhic TRACK

For Reiki Masters to work with Ascended Master Buddha to raise their vibration and work with more light frequencies in their healing and learn to build a healing chamber.

Buddhic TRACK

For non-Reiki masters who wish to work with Ascended Master Buddha to raise their vibration and work with more light frequencies for their own spiritual ascension path.

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Lightarian AngelLinks LogoThe Lightarian™ AngelLinks Program energetically links you to a specialized team of angelic energies consisting of a Seraph and four Archangels -- to assist you in your day-to-day life. These attunements expand the pure angelic qualities of unconditional love, non-judgment, courage, beauty and joy within your energy fields and establish a series of five unique and permanent guideship connections with these supportive angelic beings.

Pre-requisite: None. These attunements are open to anyone.

AngelLink Description Fee
Archangel Gabriel Focuses on joy and communications. Gabriel is known as the great communicator for the Divine. He helps with your inner communications to access your intuition and provides support for effective communications in your outer daily life. $105
Archangel Michael Supports you in creating non-judgment in all areas of your life. He assists you with navigating within the etheric realms. Archangel Michael was the first Archangel to offer his AngelLink. $105
Archangel Raphael Supports you with angelic courage and divine healing. Raphael is known as the "divine healer". He will assist you in moving through life with courage and will help light your way into the future. $105
Archangel Uriel Supports you through an infusion of angelic beauty. This allows you to experience appreciation (feminine side) as well as creativity (masculine side). Archangel Uriel can help stimulate your creativity and artistic expression. $105
Package of 5 (10% Discount) Includes all manuals and attunements. $472.50

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The Lightarian Ray™ Program is a series of powerful, guided-meditation attunements inspired by the Celestial Masters...Maitreya, El Morya, Buddha, Sananda and St. Germain...and by our Universal Source. The attunements accelerate your spiritual transformation. The first five Rays (Empowerment, Clearing, Healing, Activation and Manifestation) focus on the essential phases of spiritual processing. The sixth Ray (Source Ray) focuses on lifting you further into the unfolding global-human ascension process.

Pre-requisite: None. These attunements are open to anyone and can be received as either a client or teacher. As a client, you receive the basic attunement information. As a teacher, you receive the full attunement manual and will be able to pass the attunement to others.

Ray Description Client Session Teacher Session
Empowerment This ray was inspired by Ascension Master Maitreya. The attunement provides a spiritual "wake-up-call" by awakening dormant aspects of your etheric energies, helps you remember who you are and why you are here, and stimulates your overall sense of personal power. The E-Ray is the prerequisite for all other Lightarian Ray attunements. $105 $145
Clearing This ray was created by Ascended Master El Morya and Archangel Raziel. The attunement launches deep etheric cleaning to remove adverse soul programming, inappropriate belief structures, and undesired mental and emotional patterns. More Higher Self energies are also integrated into your physical body and lower energy fields. $105 $145
Healing This ray was sourced by Ascended Master Buddha. The attunement supports the dissolving of stress and dis-ease from your subtle and physical body, and launches a process of holistic self-healing, returning you to a state of balance and alignment. $105 $145
Activation This ray was inspired by Ascended Master Sananda. The attunement launches energetic activations in your subtle bodies and chakras, stimulates new spiritual initiations, and prepares you to integrate higher aspects of your divine potential into daily life. $105 $145
Manifestation This ray was sourced by Ascended Master Saint Germain. The attunement expands your capacity for manifesting on all levels, and opens you to attract spiritual, mental, emotional and physical abundance to serve your highest purpose. $105 $145
Source This ray connects you with the energies of our Universal Source. The previous five rays are pre-requisites for the Source Ray since the energetic platform has been created in order to launch you into a new vibrational connection with even higher levels of divine energies. $105 $145
Package of all 6 Rays - Teacher (10% Discount) Includes manuals for teacher only $783

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The Lightarian Reiki™ Program offers you the most powerful, highest vibrational Reiki healing energies available. It uniquely prepares you to deliver a broader spectrum of healing energies by extending the vibrational range of Reiki beyond Usui-based and Karuna® Reiki modalities. Lightarian Reiki was inspired by Ascended Master Buddha and has been brought forth to accelerate the healing process for humanity -- focusing on expanding your abilities as a Reiki Teacher/Practitioner to channel healing energies of a higher vibrational nature for the benefit of others.

According to Ascended Master Buddha, there are 8 bands of Reiki. The 1st band consists of all Usui-based Reiki. The 2nd band consists of Karuna Reiki. The 3rd - 8th bands of Reiki are Lightarian Reiki.

Pre-requisite: You must be an Usui-based or Karuna Reiki Master.

Attunement Description Fee
Buddhic Boost The Buddhic Boost attunement is done first to non-Karuna Reiki Masters to raise your vibration to the 2nd band of Reiki in preparation for Lightarian Reiki I-II. After a minimum of 30 days , you can receive the Lightarian Reiki I-II attunement (see above). $105
Lightarian Reiki I-II Teaches you the majority of the principles of Lightarian Reiki and provides the initial attunement to Ascended Master Buddha. This level raises your vibration to the 3rd and 4th bands of Reiki and prepares you vibrationally for the attunements in the higher bands. You can now use the presence of Ascended Master Buddha in healings. $105
Lightarian Reiki III You are connected to Gaia (Mother Earth) and receive a deeper connection to Ascended Master Buddha. You can now use both energies in healings. $105
Lightarian Reiki IV You are connected to the Godhead and receive a deeper connection to Ascended Master Buddha. You can use these energies to create a healing dome to use in healings. $105
Lightarian Reiki V-VI You are connected to Ascended Master Sananda and receive a deeper connection to Ascended Master Buddha. You can use the energies of Ascended Masters Buddha and Sananda as well as the energies of Gaia and the Godhead to create a healing chamber in which to place clients during healings. $105
Package of 4 (Discount 10%)
For those not requiring Buddhic Boost. $378
Package of 5 (Discount 10%)
For those requiring Buddhic Boost. $472.50

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The Lightarian Ascension Band™ Program is designed to accelerate healing, raise individual vibration and accelerate the process of Self expansion. The Lightarian Ascension Bands™ are sourced from a strata of celestial energies known as the level of Ascended Masters − specifically from an aspect of the Ascended Master Buddha. The Six Bands divinely permeate our lives and this profoundly translates into deeper connections in all realms. This program profoundly impacts the individual as they expand with Ascended Master Buddha. Each Ascension Band attunement progressively takes the individual to increasingly higher personal vibrational levels.

Pre-requisite: None. These attunements are open to anyone.

Ascension Band Description Fee
Level I Creates the discerning opening to the first Band of the Buddhic Band of energies. $105
Level II Increases internal, external and celestial communications. $105
Level III Begins the Ascension / Descension process in a profound way . $105
Level IV Introduces higher vibrational levels and anchors in a direct relationship with Gaia (the Mother Earth) $105
Level V Further moves you into higher vibritional levels and anchors a direct attunement-based relationship with the Godhead energies. $105
Level VI Attunes you to final vibrational Buddhic Band energies. Ascended Master Sananda is introduced and the Divine Healing Chamber is erected to be used as future integration tool for Ascension / Descension process. $105
Ascension Bridge An attunement for those who are registered with the Lightarian Institute as Lightarian Reiki V-VI Masters and wish to facilitate the Ascension Bands™ for others. Receive manuals for all Ascension Bands. $105
Package of 6 (10% Discount)
Includes all manuals for Ascension Bands Levels I thru VI. $567