John of God Videos and Healing Stories

(Miracle cancer healing transcribed from original audio in french.)

Please say your name and where you are from.
My name is Colette Leblanc and I'm from the Iles de la Madeleine islands in Quebec.

What brought you to the Casa?
What brought me to the casa? It was cancer. Doctors told me they didn't expect me to make it through this cancer so I didn't have anything to lose then, and I heard through my friend Monique that there was a man called Joao who healed people and so I said to myself that I had nothing to lose so I came here.

How many times have you been here at the casa?
I've been here for three weeks. This is my first time.

Please share your experience so far.
Well, I had a colon cancer and I had ganglions on the abdomen. I've lost a kidney, I've had at least thirty chemotherapy treatments since 2003. Then, I had radiotherapy and I remained in remission for two years and a half, between 2004 and 2007, almost three years, well, a little more than two years and a half. But it kept coming back again and again and doctors kept putting me under different medications and trying different types of chemo but nothing worked. It worked for a while and then came back. Radiotherapy didn't work as well. They gave me medication, but my time was up. They didn't know. I told them that only God knew and that they couldn't tell me. "You're in terminal phase" they said. My ganglions were so badly affected that they couldn't operate me. There was nothing else to do for me. So when I heard about the Casa I said to myself that I didn't want to die at the age of 47. That was for sure. So I came here and that's where the miracle occurred.

What can I say? It's a wonderful experience I will never forget, thanks to my friend Monique, thanks to Joao and people from the Casa. What else can I tell you? Have faith. I had faith when I left in spite of my physical suffering. It took me a day and a half to travel from Quebec to Brazil, in a wheelchair, under morphine. Now I'm not taking morphine anymore, just a little codeine. I'm no longer under morphine. Everything is gone. I take tylenol for the pain. So if there is nothing else for you here, have faith and it works. It was a cancer that doctors couldn't heal. And look! Joao did it. So what can I say? Never lose hope, never lose faith and come, come and see. I know that this will not be the only time I will come here and that I'll come back many times with other people.

What did the Entities tell you?
The entities told me that faith had saved me. I had four operations in two weeks and during the fifth week they finished their work and removed everything that was left in my body related to my cancer. Then they told me I had received a present on that day. My faith saved me. My faith brought me here and that's what saved me. Well, this is my story.

Is there anything you would like to tell someone who may be coming here for the first time or thinking to come for the first time to the Casa?
The message I'd like to pass on is a message of hope. Don't be afraid, please, don't be afraid to come! Before coming, I knew nothing about the Casa, nothing about Brazil and I didn't hesitate a single second. And I had many obstacles to prevent me from coming from my family and my friends. They were afraid for me but I came anyway. So, if you want to come, do it. Don't hesitate. A miracle can happen during your first time here according to your faith. Don't hesitate!