Family Constellation Workshop

Family Constellations can expose the hidden dynamics within families that often are behind the problems and misfortunes we experience in our lives. The early death of a parent or sibling, the exclusion of a family member, violence done by or to a family member, and other events can lead to unconscious entanglements that disturb our lives and relationships and the lives of others in our families, often with severe consequences. This experiential workshop can help bring these hidden loyalties to light so that they can be resolved and love can begin to flow in a more balanced and healthy family system.

In this workshop, the client is asked to present a particular issue or problem they want to address. It could be a family problem, an illness, trouble at work, issue with your business, feeling you just cannot shake regarding your life, etc. Constellations bring hidden dynamics to light connected to any issue that has energy to support a constellation. So the issue has to be focused and have weight if that makes sense. The energies of the constellation can help heal patterns that ripple through existing family members and those yet to come.

Other workshop participants, who do not know the client, are selected as representatives. The representatives then begin to experience the thoughts and feelings of actual members of the clients' system. The facilitator works with the representatives to bring the hidden dynamics to light and to help restore balance, respect, dignity, and love between all members of the clients system. Everyone attending the workshop is able to observe and feel the effect of the entanglements and the freedom that results from their resolution.

Workshop Date Time Location Fee
 Sat 17 June 2017
[Limited to 10 people]
1pm - 5pm Bikram Yoga York
223 Pauline Drive
York PA 17402

Not all participants are guaranteed to have a constellation.

Attendees observe and are representatives, thereby providing insight into their own families.

Dress comfortably for ease of movement. Be prepared to remove shoes in yoga studio.


Registration: Send Kathy an email requesting a seat in a workshop. An invoice will be emailed to you. You may also pay cash/check prior to the workshop. Once payment is received, your space is guaranteed.